Go Green with an Environmentally Friendly Birdhouse and Bird Feeder


Environmentally friendly items touch every aspect of our life and there is nothing better than being environmentally friendly inside and outside of your home. An emerging trend among many manufacturers is to make birdhouses and bird feeders out of recycled plastic to help save trees and prevent more plastic from ending up in the dump. Recycled plastic is easy to clean, durable, and makes an attractive home for the birds.

One of my favorite recycled birdhouses is the Going Green Wren House by Aubudon Woodlink. This stylish birdhouse is made to look just like wood and blends in well with nature. It is made of 90% plastic lumber, which means it puts the recycled plastic to good use, and does not absorb water like real wood. The recycled plastic is less likely to attract mold and is easy to clean away dirt and bacteria. This birdhouse is especially design for wrens and looks great hung on a tree or wood fence post. Your backyard wrens are sure to be comfortable and cozy in this green bird house.

Another great recycled birdhouse by Aubudon Woodlink is the Going Green Bluebird House. This is made from the same recycled wood and is the same style as the Going Green Wren House, but the hole size and house size is designed especially for attracting bluebirds. The bluebirds will be attracted to this charming, yet natural looking home for many years to come.

To continue the green theme, many manufacturers are starting to make bird feeders out of recycled plastic. A great recycled tube feeder is the Recycled Plastic Lumber Mixed Seed Tube Feeders. These tube feeders are available in a variety of sizes to suit your bird feeding needs and hold various quantities of bird seed. Each tube feeder is made of recycled plastic milk jugs and easily comes apart for cleaning. The white tube stands out to attract birds, while the green top blends in well with nature.

Whether it is a stylish birdhouse or a practical bird feeder, you will find great green options to help the environment. Items made out of recycled plastic are designed to be durable, easy to clean, and stylish. Check out more recycled bird supplies at Rachel’s Robin.

Bug Free Storage for Your Bird Seed


Feeding backyard birds can be expensive and nothing is worse than having your bird seed become moldy or be infested with bugs. All bird lovers know that keeping your bird seed free of insects and other critters is essential for attracting birds and keeping them healthy. To keep your bird seed fresh and bug free, it is important to keep it stored in a container that is air tight and made of a durable material. Keep your seed in a covered area and off of the floor.

One of my favorite containers for storing bird seed is the Vittles Vault II Seed Storage Container. This container has a variety of uses, but it works great for storing bird seed. It is air tight and helps to keep your bird seed fresh and bug free. Just pour in your bird seed and seal the lid tight. I recommend keeping the seed stored in your home or in your garage to prevent other animals from getting into it.
Once you have your bird seed stored in an air-tight container, it is a good idea to get a bird seed scoop. A bird seed scoop makes it easy to fill up all of your bird feeder quickly and easily. It also makes filling up your bird feeders more convenient because you can walk around to each one for a refill. A great bird seed scoop to use is the Bird Seed Scoop designed by Peter Kilham. This bird seed scoop can hold up to 2 quarts of seed and has a sleek design.
Providing your backyard birds with fresh, bug-free is essential to the health of the birds and helps to attract more birds to your yard. For a great selection of storage containers and bird seed scoops, check out Rachel’s Robin.

Save Money by Preventing Your Bird Seed from Being Wasted


If you find that you have a large amount of mixed bird seed on the ground surrounding your bird feeder, consider changing your seed to a bird seed that only contains one or two types of seed. By limiting the variety of bird seed in your bird feeder, you will discover that only the birds that enjoy the seed are eating from it and you will have less waste.

Determine what types of birds that you would like to attract to your yard and purchase the type of bird seed that those birds like to eat. By offering only that type of bird seed, you should get more of the birds that you enjoy watching and less seed discarded on the ground.

If you enjoy watching finches, choose a thistle or Nyjer seed like Lyric Nyjer Seed. Sunflower seed is also great for attracting a variety of songbirds including chickadees, finches, titmice, and more. If you would like to attract ground feeders, use an inexpensive bird seed like millet, buckwheat, cracked corn, and more.

Choose a bird feeder that only holds a specifc type of bird seed. Hang up a variety of specific seed feeders in your yard if you would like to attract a variety of birds. There are several types of bird feeders that are made to hold only one type of bird seed. By feeding birds in this way, you will spend less money on bird seed and enjoy more of the birds that you like.

Feeding Your Backyard Birds Sunflower Seeds


Sunflower seeds are a highly nutritious food for your backyard birds. They contain a high amount of protein that creates a lot of energy in birds. Birds use this energy for flying and survival. There are three types of sunflower seeds that are ideal for feeding your backyard birds: black oil, black striped, and gray striped.

To attract a large variety of birds to your feeder, choose Lyric Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. These seeds are small and have a soft outer shell that a large number of birds can easily pick apart and eat. Not only are these seeds packed with protein, but they are rich in oil to keep birds warmer and dryer during the winter months.

In addition, both black-striped and gray-striped sunflower seeds are also a great source of protein and oil for backyard birds. Birds that are attracted to black striped sunflower seeds are Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chickadees, House Finches, Tufted Titmice, and the White Throated Sparrow. Blue Jays also enjoy gray-striped sunflower seed. A variety of birds enjoy either kind of sunflower seed as long as it is hulled.

Choosing a variety of sunflower seeds for your backyard birds is great for attracting them to your yard and giving them essential protein and oil for survival. No matter which kind of seed that you choose, you are sure to attract birds to your yard. For a variety of nutritious bird seed, take a look at Rachel’s Robin.

Simple Solutions to Bird Proof Your Garden



While birds are delightful and enjoyable to watch in your backyard, birds can be a nuisance when they invade your garden. To keep the birds away from your vegetables and fruits in the garden, it is a good idea to install bird repellents. Bird repellents are very effective for keeping birds away and protecting your investment.

A realistic looking owl will help scare away a wide variety of birds. Owls are a natural predator of birds and by setting up an owl decoy in your garden, the birds will be discouraged from sticking around to feast on your plantings. A safe and effective bird repellent is the Rotating Head Owl. This owl has a head that moves around to look realistic and is easy to set-up in your garden.
Another great bird repellent is the Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler. This sprinkler attaches to your hose and will squirt water when it senses a bird or animal approaching. Birds will fly away from your garden and be hesitant to return when squirted by this sprinkler. Not only does this sprinkler repel birds, but it also repels other pests from invading your garden.
An effective repellent for geese in your garden is the Liquid Fence Goose Repellent Concentrate. This liquid repellent can be sprayed around your garden to keep the geese out. Geese do not like the smell or taste and will be discouraged from going into your garden. Use the spray on other areas, including your lawn or shrubs, to effectively keep unwanted geese out.

Get a Closer Look at Your Backyard Hummingbirds with a Window Mounted Feeder


Hummingbirds are delightful little birds that are very interesting to watch. To get a better look at these fascinating birds, a window feeder is great for attracting and viewing hummingbirds at your window. Make sure that your window feeder is properly maintained and safely secured to the window in order to keep the hummingbirds coming back.

One of my favorite window mounted feeders is the Garden Jewels Glass Window Mounted Hummingbird Feeder. This beautiful feeder is easy to install on your window, great for attracting hummingbirds, and makes a charming window decoration. The feeder holds 14 oz. of hummingbird nectar. Because the base is colored red to attract the hummingbirds, clear or red nectar may be used. The feeder ports are shaped like flowers to get the hummingbird’s attention and make a great decorative accent.
Another great window feeder for attracting hummingbirds is the Heart HummingBird Feeder by Artline. This charming feeder is shaped like a heart, doesn’t drip nectar, and includes a bracket for hanging on your window. The brightly colored red heart is perfect for attracting hummingbirds to the feeder.
Whatever window feeder you choose, you will enjoy the close-up view of hummingbirds. Check out these feeders and more at Rachel’s Robin.