Cats Have a Keen Fondness for Heat

The reason that cats love heat sources so much is developed early in life. By understanding why they enjoy warmth, you can stay on top of the dangers with heat that can actually hurt them.

From the time they are born, kittens have a keen sense of temperature that comes from the receptors on their faces. This helps kittens find their mother before their eyes have opened. (Necessary to survival rates in the wild – as the Mother kitten can be the only source of food available to the kitten)

As they grow into adulthood, these same temperature receptors on the cat’s face become even more sensitive.

What you need to know when providing heat to your cat or kitten is that temperature receptors other than those in the face can be insensitive to temperature extremes. Another words when the cat is sitting in the sun, the heat hitting the cat’s body is hitting the receptors on the body and the face. The cat knows that he or she is getting too hot.

But when you provide a heated cat mat or furniture warmer, the cat’s face is not getting warm – just the cat’s body. The cat does not know he or she is getting too hot. Make sense?

This is why cats can get burned without knowing it. Choosing a heating source with reliable temperature control is of utmost important. Remember – it should not get too hot, or your cat will get hurt.

Here are a few of the heated cat mats, beds, perches and furniture warmers that we suggest based on reliability.

Thermo-Kitty Furniture Warmer The Thermo-Kitty Furniture Warmer is one of our favorites because of the versatility. Your cat loves the condo – no problem .. place it on the condo. Your cat prefers the space underneath your desk while you work? Not a problem there either. This is the perfect addition to any piece of cat furniture. We love the incorporated straps to hold it in place on any platform. It has a very flexible design that conforms to the favorite tunnel or kitty hammock.

Thermo-Kitty Throw Warmth all over. The Kitty throw is soft and cozy and warm to boot. We love this warm cat blanket because you can add it to your cat’s favorite bed and give it an extra degree of warmth. Anywhere your cat likes to lay can be the perfect place for this blanket.

Thermo-Kitty Round Heated Cat Bed  We love this bed. It’s not too big, it’s round ( Our cat prefers round beds, as they fit snugger against her body). It is colorful, fashionable and has K and H reliability. Can’t beat it.

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