RachelsRobin Christmas / New Year Jingle for you!

‘Twas the days surrounding Christmas and all ’round your yard,
the birds were all hungry while you wrote out your cards….
Your feeders were hung in the blustery space,
for no little bird has energy to waste….

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday cheer …
the feeders went empty – Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

So stop by the store, this week full of cheer,
we’ll extend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stop by the store this month and share a bit of the holiday season with us – and we’ll share a bit of savings with you –

Happy Holidays!

Does your DOG need a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight?

PRO PAC ® Low Fat Rice & Chicken Meal Formula by Midwestern Pet Foods is a great-tasting, nutritious, low-fat dog food that can help keep your adult dog healthy and fit.

As in humans, some dogs have problems maintaining proper weight levels – especially as they get older.

Weight gain can be due to inactivity or a natural tendency to gain weight.  Most veterinarians consider overweight dogs at risk for a number of health problems.  If your vet recommends physical activity for your dog, it is important to provide opportunities for this to happen.

PRO PAC ® Low Fat Rice & Chicken Meal Formula reduces fat and calories without reducing the nutrients necessary to maintain optimum health. This, along side an active lifestyle can extend your dog’s life and/or the quality of life.

PRO PAC ® Low Fat Rice and Chicken Meal Formula is naturally preserved and contains no by-products. 100% guaranteed.

Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Official procedures substantiate that PRO PAC ® Low Fat Rice & Chicken Meal Formula provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs.

Senior Dog Vitamin Supplements – Are they Necessary?

Older dogs have special health needs and may require more attention and care than younger dogs.  Common health problems associated with older dogs include: arthritis, circulatory problems, ear infections, hearing problems, sight and smell disorders, dental problems, incontinence, weight problems, and kidney disease.

But there is much you can do to prevent or delay these problems and ensure happy twilight years!  Pictured to the right is Excel Adult Multi Vitamin Dog Daily Supplement.

When dogs move into their senior years, they go through physical transformations causing them to slow down. Maintaining a health routine will help senior dogs live a fulfilling and content life.

How old is senior?

This depends on the breed and on the individual pet. Larger breeds tend to age more rapidly than smaller breeds.  In general, toy and small breed dogs (up to 25lbs) become senior at about 10 years of age, while medium and large breed dogs (26 – 100lbs) can be considered seniors by the age of 8. Giant breeds (110lbs +) having shorter life spans become seniors as early as 5 years of age.

Senior dogs have special dietary needs for a variety of reasons. First, older dogs slow down. Like humans, they tend towards being more sedentary as they get older. Therefore, they need fewer calories. Also as the organs age, digestion and absorption are not as strong. Varied diet and a high quality dog food will go a long way to protecting your dog’s coat, energy levels, and proper digestion and elimination. Vitamin and mineral needs of elderly dogs often change. As their digestive systems weaken, they may not extract the full value of the foods they eat.

Some of those special nutritional needs of senior dogs can be supplied in the form of dog vitamin supplements. Talk with your veterinarian to determine if supplementation would benefit your dog.

A Holiday Tribute to Dogs – A Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have been mans (and women’s) best friend since the mid 1800’s.

Whether you own a black lab, golden retriever, shnoodle, poodle or beagle or any other type of dog, you know how important their love and affection is. For all dog lovers, they are a part of the family and without you, they would miss their pack.  Pictured to the right is Pet Dental Freshening Spray for Dogs – on sale for only $5.00 this week.

Happy Holidays to all the dog owners in the United States and across the world!

At GregRobert Pet Supplies, we’re dog lovers too and ALL of us here have dogs. We know you want to treat them with the very best care and feed them the best treats and food, so we’ve got every dog product imaginable to help you care for your best friend.

Whether you have a huge dog, big dog, medium or little dog, we have the supplies to keep your doggy happy. Brand Happy? We’ve got all the cool doggy brands including Four Paws, Nylabone, Bully Sticks, Kong, Petmate, PetSafe and Natures Miracle.

Merry Ruffmas – to each and every dog out there from the staff at GregRobert!

Wild Bird Lover Gift Ideas – A Window Bird Feeder

What better gift is there to get for a niece, nephew or friend that loves wild birds?  An inquisite grandchild will get thrills out of seeing beautiful birds feed up close with a window bird feeder.

1) Dine Around Window BirdFeeder –  Arched design and wrap-around feeding ring create a 360° feeding area. More birds can feed at once – right at your window. Features three seed ports, wide-mouth top for easy filling, and suction-cup mounting.

2) Window Cafe Bird Feeder –  Our most popular window feeder ever!  A clear roof over hangs the seed tray to protect seed from rain. Seed reservoir slides out for easy filling and cleaning.  Stays put with 3 suction cups strategically placed.

3) Window Hummingbird Feeder –  The Nectar Bar Window Hummingbird Feeder features 3 ports and holds 6 ounces of nectar. The bright red cover attracts hummingbirds and has three feeding wells that thwart bees and other insects. The red cover pops off the removable tray for easy cleaning and filling.

Give the Gift of Safety to the Pet Lover on your List – Vehicle Containment

If  you are looking for a great gift for the pet lover on your list – consider giving the gift of vehicle pet containment safety this year.

There are a number of reasons that a dog seat belt, booster seat or pet barrier is extremely important.

  1. Prevention of Driver Distractions
    Without seat belt harnesses, your un-tethered pet becomes an even greater hazard if he comes in contact with the driver in any way.
  2. Protection All Of Your Passengers
    We all know that in the event of a crash our passengers can be thrown about, collide with each other and even be ejected from the vehicle. If left unrestrained our pets can be tossed about and suffer severe or fatal injuries just like our human passengers.
  3. Prevent Your Pet From Escaping Your Vehicle
    Without the use of dog seat belt harnesses, a dog that has just jumped out of an automobile can easily be injured or killed. Or worse yet its actions can result in others being injured or killed.
  4. It’s The Law!
    In some areas it’s now required by law that all pets be tethered in restraints like dog seat belt harnesses while in vehicles.

Pictured to the right is the Tubular Pet Gate for Minivans and Recreational Vehicles.  This is an easy to install and remove car barrier. It has soft brace pads to protect the interior of your car. Black powder epoxy finish keeps it looking classy. The tubular construction eliminates blind spots. Installs in minutes and fits most all Sport UV’s and Wagons.

Great Gift Idea – Bejeweled Bird Feeder


Have you seen the colorful bejeweled feeders?  The are available in a fun fruit-shapes and all complete with decorative leaves and a stem on the top! The Bejeweled Bird Feeds are full function feeders.   Unique and useful!They are a perfect gift for the bird lover or  even for yourself. 

 The shiny jewels sparkles in the sun.  Inside each fruit shape is a plastic tube that hold any mix or seed.  Each feeder has four feeding ports with perches.  Your birds will have plenty of room to feed.  The Apple Bejeweled Bird Feeder, shown at the right, is 10 x 14 inches tall and holds 1 1/2 pounds of seed.

Also available is the Pear Bejeweled Bird Feeder.  Gorgeous green jewels and decorative leaves and a stem on the top.  The Pear Bejeweled Bird Feeder is 10 x 14 inches tall and holds 1 1/2 pounds of seed and has four feeding ports with perches.

My favorite is the Orange Bejeweled Bird Feeder.  Of course, the Orange Bejeweled Bird Feeder has orange jewels, with decorative leaves and a stem on the top.  This feeder is 10 x 14 inches tall and holds 1 1/2 pounds of seed and has four feeding ports with perches.

Now that I think about it…. all 3 Bejeweled Bird Feeders would look great in my yard.