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Does your DOG need a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight?

PRO PAC ® Low Fat Rice & Chicken Meal Formula by Midwestern Pet Foods is a great-tasting, nutritious, low-fat dog food that can help keep your adult dog healthy and fit. As in humans, some dogs have problems maintaining proper weight levels –

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Pet Lover Coupons – Use these in combo with Year End Clearance at

Super End of the Year Savings Save $3 on $35, coupon: endyr35 Save $5 on $55, coupon: endyr55 Save $7 on $75, coupon: endyr75 Save $9 on $95, coupon: endyr95 Save $11 on $115, coupon: endyr115 Save $13 on $135,

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Senior Dog Vitamin Supplements – Are they Necessary?

Older dogs have special health needs and may require more attention and care than younger dogs.  Common health problems associated with older dogs include: arthritis, circulatory problems, ear infections, hearing problems, sight and smell disorders, dental problems, incontinence, weight problems,

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Christmas Gift Coupons for Pet Lovers & More

GregRobert released an extensive collection of coupons today to help you save money this holiday season while ensuring your little pup or other pet doesn’t go empty handed! The coupons listed below represent the largest holiday sale GregRobert has ever

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A Holiday Tribute to Dogs – A Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have been mans (and women’s) best friend since the mid 1800’s. Whether you own a black lab, golden retriever, shnoodle, poodle or beagle or any other type of dog, you know how important their love and affection is. For all dog lovers, they are

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Give the Gift of Safety to the Pet Lover on your List – Vehicle Containment

If  you are looking for a great gift for the pet lover on your list – consider giving the gift of vehicle pet containment safety this year. There are a number of reasons that a dog seat belt, booster seat

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Great Gift Idea – Bejeweled Bird Feeder

  Have you seen the colorful bejeweled feeders?  The are available in a fun fruit-shapes and all complete with decorative leaves and a stem on the top! The Bejeweled Bird Feeds are full function feeders.   Unique and useful!They are a perfect gift for the

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Holiday Coupons – Valid today until Dec. 10

Cyber Monday – Save $3 on $30. Coupon: cyberm3 at GregRobert Pet until Dec. 10. Cyber Monday – Save $4 on $40. Coupon: cyberm4 at GregRobert Pet until Dec. 10  Cyber Monday – Save $5 on $50. Coupon: cyberm5 at

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Thanksgiving Day Super Sale at – Coupons!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Pet Owners and Pet Lovers across the United States and the world.  May we all take a moment to reflect on the wonderful animals that God has given us to enjoy in this world. If

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First Time Bird Owner

Did you know that birds are very interactive pets.   You may even find yours to be affectionate, if you put in some effort.    A great bird to start with is a cockatiel.  A cockatiel is easy to care for, but will need socialization. 

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