Blood Sucking Varmits that Annoy your Pet – TICKS

Dog ticks, are the creepy blood suckers that get under the skin, sucking up and causing irritation and illness in their victim.

Ticks spend most of their lives and their mouths buried inside a mammal’s flesh, feeding on blood of there host.  Although ticks are very small, they expand to about 50 times their normal size after they have finished feeding.  Dog ticks are also responsible for spreading Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

4 ways to keep ticks from feeding on your pet:

  1. In order to give the ticks fewer chances to hop and attach themselves to your dog, always keep your grass and weeds trimmed to below ankle height.
  2. To help eliminate ticks, make your yard as  uninviting to rodents as possible.  Secure your trash cans with strong lids and take out any rock piles and brushy cover.
  3. If you see ticks, lightly spray your dog with a tick insecticide and then comb his coat using a fine-toothed flea and tick comb.
  4. If you see a tick – remove it with a tick removing product or tweezers.  After removing the tick, rub the infected area with an antibiotic ointment or topical antiseptic.