Caring for Your Cat’s Teeth

Your veterinarian plays a huge role is caring for your cat’s teeth, but you are very responsible for maintaining that cleanliness!  Between vet appointments, you have quite a bit of dental care to take care of.

The main part of dental care you are responsible for is plaque control.  Plaque can do some nasty things to a cat’s mouth.  It can cause gums to recede, which allows bacteria and parasites to enter the newly opened pockets in the gums.  Not only does this almost always lead to tooth loss, but it also can negatively affect your cat’s immune system and internal organs.  This can lead to a variety of illnesses, and ultimately an early death.  This has to be enough motivation to take care of your cat’s teeth!

The most important thing to do is brush your cat’s teeth at least 2 to 3 times a week.  It may not be an easy task, but it is definitely necessary.  After he gets used to getting his teeth  brushed, it will get easier!  I use the Pet Dental Kit for Cats, pictured to the right.  It comes with a toothbrush and a finger brush, so you can use whichever your cat prefers.  However, the long toothbrush is good for reaching the far back of the cat’s mouth.  The Pet Dental Kit for Cats also comes with toothpaste that is perfect for removing plaque and food debris!

If you do not properly control plaque in your cat’s mouth, it can lead to bad breath.  If your cat has bad breath, there are ways you can temporarily fix this problem.  One easy way you can freshen your cat’s breath is adding Dental Fresh for Cats – 8 oz to his or her water bowl.  It also contains ingredients that helps to remove plaque and tarter, and also brighten your kitty’s teeth!

Your cat can also have fun while he is geting his mouth healthy!  There are a variety of cat toys specifically designed to strengthen and clean his teeth.  My cat likes the Dental Health Cat Chew Toy.  It keeps the gums clean by removing tartar.  It is infused with catnip so your cat will want to chew on it!  Another fun way to clean your cat’s teeth is giving them dental treats.  My cat loves the Feline Greenies Cat Dental Treats 3 oz.  It comes in 5 different flavors: chicken, beef, ocean fish, salmon, and tuna.  Try them all!