Cleaning Up After Your Dog!

It is imperative that you always clean up after your dog.  One of the most important reasons to do so is because roundworms and tapeworms can be transmitted to humans through dog waste.  The best way to avoid the transference of roundworms or tapeworms to humans is to regularly dewormyour dog.  The next way is to always clean up after your dog’s mess.  Luckily, there are a variety of ways to clean up your backyard!  No matter what surface your dog is relieving himself on, there are plenty of pooper scoopers that can handle the task!

Grass: If you have a grass backyard, one of the best methods for picking up your dog’s mess is to use a classic pooper scooper.  Allens Super Poop Scooper for Grass, pictured to the right, is one of my top choices.  One reason I like it is because you do not have to bend over to pick up the poop.  All you need to do is use one hand to to squeeze the comfort grip handle, and the jagged-edge claws will clamp over your dog’s waste.  Allens Super Poop Scooper for Grass is made of durable plastic and will last you a long time!

Sandy: If your backyard is sandy (or even grassy), you can use the Four Paws Wire Rake Pooper Scooper, which has a rake that can easily scoop poop through sand.  The metal rake is easily cleaned with just a spray from the garden hose, and will not rust.  It is 28 inches high, so you will not have to hurt your back bending over to pick up poop!

Concrete: Allens Pooper Scooper for Hard Surfaces is great to use on hard surfaces like concrete, sidewalks, and patios.  It comes in three different sizes (14.5 inches, 24 inches, and 29 inches), so whether a tall or short person is doing the clean up at your house, you can get a pooper scooper that will be the perfect size!  It is made from clean black plastic, which means to rusting.  The scooper is 24 inches, and can handle large loads without bothering your back.

Snow: When it is snowy out, you will need a special pooper scooper.  The Easy Scoop Dog Pooper Scooper can easily lift waste through snow.  There is a basket behind the rake that can hold waste while you cover the entire backyard.

Do not forget that you need to properly dispose of the waste.  Either flush it down the toilet, or put it in a place where no family members or pets will be able to access the waste.