How to Have a Great Time at the Dog Park

If you have never taken your dog to the dog park, now is the time to start!  Dog parks are a wonderful opportunity to provide your dogs with exercise.  Bring a fetch toy and your dog will get plenty of exercise.  Dog parks are also a wonderful way for you to meet new people, and have your dog meets new dogs too!  Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your dog.  However, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind in order to keep you and your dog safe while at a dog park:

  1. Carefully read the rules of the dog park before going with your dog.  If your dog park does not have the rules posted, ask for them to be posted.  You will know exactly what is expected of your and your dog, as well as what can be expected from other people and their dogs.
  2. Start taking your dog to the dog park when he or she is young.  An older dog who is not used to being around so many dogs may become overwhelmed.  That’s not to say that you should not take an older dog, it just will be easier on your if you start when they are young.
  3. At dog parks, you do not have to keep your dog on a leash!  However, you should ALWAYS bring a leash with you.  Having a study and well built leash with you will ensure that your dog can easily be put on a leash if needs be.  I always use the Hamilton Double Thick Dog Traffic Lead, pictured to the right.  Hamilton Double Thick Dog Traffic Lead leashes are made of durable nylon webbing and thread, which will last a long time.  The first couple of times you take your dog to the park, it would be a good idea to keep him on a retractable leash, like the Flexi Elegance Retractable Dog Leash.  This way, you can control how large of a radius you will give your dog to explore.
  4. Do not bring any dog treats to the dog park.  Dogs may get aggressive in trying to compete for the treats.
  5. If there are any aggressive dogs at the park, make sure you tell their owner that you do not feel comfortable with the way their dog is acting.  Other dog owner’s (and all the dogs) will thank you!