Keep Your Dog Out of Your Cat’s Food

Most dog and cat owners have to keep an eye out for their dog when feeding their cat to prevent their dog from eating the cat’s food first.  Not only does this make it difficult for your cat to enjoy eating their daily meals, but it is unhealthy for your dog and he or she may become overweight.  Here are some tips to follow to make your cat’s meal time easier and more relaxing for both you and your cat:

  • Pick a set time each day to feed your cat. If you pick a particular time everyday to feed your cat, you can make sure to keep your dog away when your cat is eating.  In addition, your cat will be more motivated to eat the food right away if he or she is only eating at a certain time of day, instead of having the food sit out all day. Moist cat food, such as Earthborn Holistic,is easy to feed in this way and is more likely to be eaten by your cat right away.
  • Choose a location that is not accessible to your dog. Place your cat’s food container in a higher location or in a place where your dog is not able to get to. This works out well if your cat likes to nibble on dry cat food all day long. If you have the space, you may want to use a feeder like Automatic Pet Feeder by Van Ness in a secluded or high up location.
  • Use a pet gate to close off your cat’s eating area. A pet gate, like the Metal Walk Thru Dog Gate, is a great way to keep your dog out of your cat’s food. This type of gate is easy for you to pass through, while it keeps your dog out of the cat’s food and reduces the amount of hassle caused by trying to separate the two types of animals.