Leash Accessories that Make Walking Your Dog Safe

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy taking your dog for a long walk.

The air is crisp and clear and many times the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.  Your dog will love you for it.

During the fall, the daylight hours become less and less and keeping your dog easily visible to passing cars is very important for you and your dog’s safety. There are some great safety items that make it easy for others to see you and your dog when the daylight fades.

For walking with your dog, use a leash that is easily visible to cars as they drive by.  A leash with reflective material or light is great for getting others to see you.  In addition, a retractable leash allows you to control the length of the leash to keep your dog a safe distance from cars.

Another great item to help keep your dog visible and safe is the Safe-T-Tag Pet Collar ID Tag by Ethical.  This ID tag attaches to your dog’s collar and lights up brightly to make your dog visible at night and has a fun bone shape.  It is water resistant and motion activated, which makes it great for wearing all day long.

For multiple dog owners, walking with multiple dog leashes can be a challenge and it can make walking your dogs unsafe. When walking more than one dog, use the Double-Dog Coupler by Sporn to keep your dogs close by your side.  This coupler makes walking multiple dogs safer and easier for you to control and easily attaches to your dog’s collar and a single leash.

Using these accessories throughout the day, help to keep you and your dog safer when walking.

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