– the Dog Thundershirt Low Price Leader

Can anyone say canine anti-anxiety?

Thundershirt for dogs is synonymous to anti-anxiety for those dogs that suffer from anxiety related to large noises like those that occur during a thunderstorm or a firework display.  It is widely acclaimed to aid in easing a dog’s anxiety during a thunderstorm, but few people know that it is effective in relieving a dog’s travel anxiety.

Depending on the intensity of your dog’s travel anxiety, a Thundershirt may be enough to solve any travel problems, just by itself.

Thundershirt has reduced symptoms such as severe shaking, panting, excitability, barking and even vomiting in dogs that previously had these symptoms during travel – either in the car or on an airplane.

With over an 85% success rate , why not try Thundershirt for your dog’s travel anxiety?

Thundershirt uses gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog – it is almost like giving your dog a consistent loving hug when he or she is frightened.  It effectively aids anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more.

Before putting Thundershirt on your dog for the first time, we recommend offering a treat to your dog using the Thundershirt as a serving plate. Dogs will trust things that are associated with treats, so this is an easy way to create a positive association with Thundershirt for your dog.


  • XXS 9″-13.5″ < 7 lbs.
  • XS 13″-18″ 8-14 lbs.
  • S 16″-23″ 15-25 lbs.
  • M 18″-26″ 26-40 lbs.
  • L 24″-32″ 41-64 lbs.
  • XL 31″-40″ 65-110 lbs.
  • XXL 38″-50″ >100 lbs.