Celebrating Pet Dental Awareness Month – 2012

Pet Dental Health is not what it used to be.

… and we are not talking about more mutts getting cavities, or more kittens with periodontal disease, we mean that caring for your pet’s oral health is getting easier and easier.

Year’s ago, a trip to the Vet for your pups or kittens regular visit would be all the oral attention he or she would get – but now there are a huge selection of options available to keep your pet’s mouth in tip top shape.

To start, the selections in toothbrushes and toothpastes has exploded.  There are traditional finger toothbrushes that became popular close to a decade ago – but there are also traditional looking toothbrushes that work very well for some pets.

The selection of pet breath fresheners have expanded quite a bit, too.  Not many of us like dog breath, but more and more owners across the US are doing something about it, using sprays, mints and other doggie breath fresheners to make their pooches mouthes smell a tad better.

New to the market are dental floss and tartar removal products for pets.  Flosses come in traditional flossing type toys like ropes, as well as liquid floss for pets.  There are a number of different tartar removal products available these days also.   The foaming tartar removal is newest to the range of products and proving to be both effective and well liked by pet owners.

In general, dog dental treats are pretty good at freshening your furry friends breath too.  There are bones made in mint, spearmint and other popular freshening flavors.  NutriDent is a popular brand of dental treats, as well as Greenies and Smartbones.

Finally the variety of dental toys available for pets is a literal explosion.  The toys range from specialty dental ropes,  textured chew toys and dental rings.  Your dog or cat is going to love some of these.