Elevated Dog Feeders can be a Healthy Choice

Elevated Dog Feeders

Many people use elevated dog feeders and cat feeders for the physical benefits to their pet. They can also be
ornate and attractive in the design making the feeding area look more pleasing to us humans.

A number of physical benefits are associated with elevated feeders:

  • Comfort for dogs and cats with neck or back arthritic conditions. This is especially true with older pets. We do not our pets to associate eating and drinking with discomfort.
  • The elevated feeder keeps the head and neck in a more upright condition preventing the need for stooping thus keeping the proper posture.
  • There is also less stress through the front legs.
  • Easier swallowing due to the head being in a more upright position. This is advantage to all pets but can be more important with pets that have eating disorders such as megaesophagus. This is a condition of the weakening of the esophagus that causes food to collect in the esophagus (not making it to the stomach). This can cause vomiting. By keeping the head in a more upright position the elevated feeder uses gravity to help the food make it into the stomach more easily.

Another advantage is a cleaner feeding area.

Some pets (especially dogs) can be a bit messy when they eat or drink. By placing the bowls closer to their natural position of the mouth there is less head movement away from the bowls and therefore less food and water outside of the bowl. Most importantly, less clean-up for us pet owners!

How do I size an elevated feeder?

The feeder should be about four to six inches below a dogs mouth. Four inches is more appropriate for smaller dogs while six inches can be used for larger dogs. Cats would obviously use a four inch or smaller guideline.

If the above information applies to yourself or your pet consider using an elevated feeder. There are many styles available from basic to ornate.