65 days and they are born! Is your cat pregnant?

The average gestation period for kittens is 65 days, and this is the most common time in the United States for cats to mate.

If your cat is having kittens, or you intend to adopt a kitten this spring there are a number of things that you must know.

First:  Adoption is for Life. If you do not believe these 4 words, then it’s not a good idea to adopt a kitten.  Make sure that you are sure you can handle a kitten and then a cat.

Second:  Don’t take a kitten from it’s mother too early. Breeders say six weeks is enough, but we think that a kitten should stay with the mother cat until (s)he’s eight weeks old. Much depends if a kitten is “ready” for a transition. Eight weeks will give the kitten more time to get used to solid food and using the litter box.

Third: Newborn kittens should be monitored – but not much interference if possible. Weigh the newborn kittens regularly. They should always gain weight. It is possible to hand-feed kittens with a feeding bottle or a dropper. However, you should only do this if the cat is rejected or if the mother is not willing or capable to feed her children.  Use a specially formulated milk like KMR Kitten Milk Replacer.

Spring and the birth of newborn kittens and other animals is a wondrous thing.  But with all things beautiful comes our responsibility to care for them.  Keep that in mind as you contemplate bringing a kitten into this world and/or adopting a kitten.



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