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New Tank Syndrome – Aquarium Cycling

Cycling your aquarium tank is probably something that you have never heard of unless you are an avid aquarium keeper. The effects of the cycling process are sometimes referred to as “New Tank Syndrome.” “Cycling the tank” means that you are

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Stop the Spills with Skid Stop Pet Bowls and Mats

Skid Stop Bowls are designed to stop your pet from scooting, sliding, and chasing his bowl across the floor – thereby limiting spills. The base of each skid-stop bowl is usually manufactured with a thermoplastic rubber rim to help keep it

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Warm weather = Early Pond Season

Spread the word to all of your pondkeeper friends! GregRobert has carried quality pond supplies for close to a decade and wants to earn your business if you are a pondkeeper! Due to the mild temperatures this spring, the 2012

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Pet Weight Control

Pet weight control is a common issue pet owners face. Just as obesity creates many health issues in humans it likewise has similar effects on our pets. Health risks include diabetes, liver problems, joint issues (especially in older pets) as well

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Outdoor Dog Waterers – Condone the Drinkfest!

As we talked about in our last post, making sure your dog (or other pet) gets enough water in the summer months is essential and could be the difference between life and death on a hot summer day. There are

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Pet Water Needs

Your pet needs constant access to water just we we humans do. With the hotter of summer months approaching their system will require more water to stay healthy. While this is not new news to pet owners there some issues that can

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Happy Easter to all from GregRobert Pet Supplies –

  May your Easter be blessed and filled with love – to you, yours, and your pets!

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5 Quick Tips to help your Arthritic Pet

Arthritis refers to inflammation or swelling in a joint. While anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin are popular treatments for arthritis, another approach for your pet involves protecting the cartilage in the joint and “nourishing” the joint. Here are 5 tips that

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