Outdoor Dog Waterers – Condone the Drinkfest!

As we talked about in our last post, making sure your dog (or other pet) gets enough water in the summer months is essential and could be the difference between life and death on a hot summer day.

There are two outdoor waterers that have impressed us and our customers.

The first one is WATERDOG.  Although its name says the Waterer is for dogs, it’s really a great invention for both dogs and cats!

Hook the Waterdog up to an outdoor faucet and it senses when your pet is coming around and will release fresh water from the faucet.  Even if it’s mounted too high for your cat or dog to reach the spigot, they can catch the water at a lower level. Works well and wastes very little water.

The second one takes a little training, but most dogs will get the knack of it in 2 or 3 tries.  The Patent pending Doggie Fountain Faucet requires your dog to step on the durable pedal pad to get the water out – which definitely qualifies as ‘on demand.’

You hook it up to a garden hose and you can regulate the pressure at the faucet.  Here’s the tip of the day from our valued customer:  “Make sure that your hose is in shady area on very hot days.  We made this mistake and our dog was very taken aback by the hot water!”





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