Pet Water Needs

Your pet needs constant access to water just we we humans do. With the hotter of summer months approaching their system will require more water to stay healthy. While this is not new news to pet owners there some issues that can get overlooked. The average  40 lb dog needs a liter of water a day.  A ten pound cat will require about one forth of that. The point is not to monitor your pets water intact as much as it is to provide the necessary amount of fresh drinkable water throughout the day that will allow them to get their proper fill.

Water health concerns:

1) The first issue that comes to mind is if there is not enough water. Water makes up 80% of our bodies (you and your pet). It plays into nearly every system your body needs to function properly.  From circulation, digestion to waste removal and temperature control (among others) water is essential.  Continued dehydration can cause a number of issues some as serious as heart and kidney damage.

2) Bacteria in your pets water source can be an issue.  Certain bacteria can cause water to taste funny (who wants to drink bad tasting water?) while other bacteria can cause your pet to get sick. Your pets water dish needs to be cleaned daily to prevent a problem.

3) Even if water is readily available your pet may use that ever full water source known to most of us as a toilet. Obviously bacteria in the toilet does not belong in your pets drinking water. Also, automatically dispensed toilet cleaners can be poisonous.

What ways can we easily address these concerns?

The third concern is relatively straight forward. Keep the toilet lid closed and stay away from using automated toilet bowl cleaners. The first and second require just a little thought. Use a water bowl that can be easily cleaned. A lot of nooks and crannies can make the job more difficult. Being able to toss it in a dishwasher with your other dishes is a nice feature. We need to provide sufficient fresh water in all areas that your pet will spend significant time. For example, if your pet sends time indoors and outside than water sources need to be in both areas. The water needs to be appealing so therefore it needs to be fresh. That means throwing out stale/dirty water and refilling with fresh on a regular basis.  There are products designed to make this more convenient such as the new Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Fountain for Pets. This item has a pump that circulates the water through a foam filter to remove debris/hair to help keep the water fresh. With a water capacity of 50 fl oz (about 1.5 liters) this will satisfy the daily needs for a pet up to about 60 lbs.  It a can be put in your dishwasher for easy cleaning (outside of the pump)

Don’t forget to take a portable source of water with you if your going for a walk or to the outdoors for any length of time.  Just like we need more water when exercising or in heat so do our pets. The Hydro-go Pet Canteen – 36 oz is a product that is a canteen to carry water and a water bowl all in one. In addition, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Our pets water needs are pretty simple but can be overlooked. A little forethought and following a few easy rules and this basic need is easily met.