Happy Mother’s Day to Every Pet Mom in the World!

Drumroll please, the top 10 reasons why you’d rather be a pet Mom than a human Mom :)

  1. Emergency room waits under 5 hours.
  2. You can’t board a human while you take off for vacation.
  3. No PTA moms or soccer coaches to make you feel inadequate.
  4. Pets never complain that “I just had that for dinner two days ago!”
  5. Pets can’t talk back to you.
  6. Toilet training takes less than a month.
  7. Obedience training is way cheaper than college.
  8. They never tell you that you’re embarrassing.
  9. They don’t care if their collar is designer or not.
    ……….. and the number one reason being a pet mom rules:
  10. Your pet is always, always happy to see you.

To all the moms out there, no matter who you love:  thank you for your love and care for all the creatures on earth!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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