Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior When You Are Away

Have you ever left your pet alone and returned home to find your house in shambles? When left alone, the biggest issue for a pet is boredom and/or separation axiety.  Boredom in a pet means you must figure out a way to entertain your pet while you are away. Separation axiety means you must show your pet lots of love before you leave.

Always try to walk your pet before you leave, especially if you will be gone all day.  The exercise is good for both you and your pet.  In addition, your pet will enjoy the bonding and will burn off excess energy and be ready to nap for awhile.  If you don’t have time for a walk, try a quick game of catch or at the very least, give him some added attention before you leave.

Once you are ready to leave, give your pet a treat. I like to  use  some kind of treat dispenser toy.  The brand Kong has a variety of dispenser toys and one is sure to keep your pet entertained..  The well known Kong Classic is available in size small to XXLarge.  Made from a natural rubber formula and chewer friendly, the Kong Classic is unmatched for  durability,  bounce and resilience.   The bounce is unpredictable so your pet receives a  great workout of every muscle and reflex while chasing and chewing the Kong.

I find that the trick to keeping the Kong Classic interesting is to stuff it with food.  This will keep your dog busy for hours while trying lick out the tasty treat.  It is easy to stuff the hole in the Kong with plain peanut butter or mix peanut butter and dry dog kibbles together.  You can put the Kong in the freezer overnight. This will make the treat last longer.

Another easy recipe is to put  a small amount of peanut butter into a Kong to seal the small hole at the bottom.  Mix a banana that is cut into slices with some plain yogurt (do NOT use yogurt with artificial sweeteners, which can be toxic to dogs).  Add the banana mixture to the Kong, then seal with more peanut butter.  This can be served immediately or frozen.

There are a variety of Kong dispenser toys available. Of course, you can stuff anything into any Kong dispenser toy  that your dog enjoys.  Just be careful about adding food that will stain carpeting, if your pet eats on a carpeted area.

Remember your pet will be less likely to try getting attention in negative ways, if you have taken the time to give him something special before leaving.  Some dogs will even welcome the owner leaving knowing a special treat waits him.