Summer Water Pet Safety

We are on our way to some very hot summer days.  If you are anything like me, I am sure that you will be spending plenty of days outside in the sun.  My dog likes these sunny days just as much as I do.  But it is important that you take certain to ensure that your pet has a safe summer. 


First, be sure that your dog is always hydrated.  Hot weather can make your dog feel very comfortable.  Remember to either bring your dog’s water bowl outside.  This will discourage him from drinking pool water which can be detrimental to your dog’s health.  Be sure to constantly refill the water to ensure that it stays clean.  Also make sure that the water is cold.  My dog likes when I put ice in his water bowl, so you can test this out and see if your dog likes it too!


If your dog likes swimming in the deep end of a pool, be sure to hook up the Skamper Ramp for Pets to the side of your pool.  Many dogs have trouble getting out of the water, and if you are not always there to pull your dog out this can become a drowning hazard.  Using the Skamper Ramp for Pets ensures that your pet can always get out of the pool when you are not there to assist them.  You can get the ramp in a regular size or large size, depending on the size of your dog.  While the Skamper Ramp is perfect for allowing your dog a safe exit out of the pool, please never leave your dog unattended at the pool.

Some dogs may be afraid of the water.  If you want your dog to play in the pool, consider getting some dog pool toys.  If your dog is new to swimming, do not allow him to play in the deep end.  Throw some toys around in the shallow end.  Your dog might like the water buddy dog, which comes in different shapes and different bright summer colors.


Remember to never let your dog swim without supervision.