Homeopathic Dog Remedies

Homeopathy is a natural alternative for healing.    Homeopathic dog remedies work  by eliminating the underlying imbalance in a pet’s body that is causing the symptoms. Much of modern conventional veterinary practice has become a system of suppressing the symptoms of disease, not curing its cause.


Conventional dog medication usually involves antibiotics and antiviral drugs . These drugs work by suppressing the dog’s illness symptoms, but doe not address the cause.  Conventional medicine may assist in alleviating the symptoms (for the time being) but does nothing to address the cause.  Also, conventional medicine weakens the immune system further, making it susceptible to more and frequent diseases.


Homeopathic dog remedies help the dog’s body to overcome diseases by strengthening the immune system and allowing the body to take care of the disease causing agents. Two positive effects occur.  One is that the disease is cured effectively without the side-effects of many conventional medicines. Secondly,  since the immune system is further strengthened, the susceptibility to diseases is decreased and their recurrence prevented. The dog’s overall health will benefit  with  homeopathic dog remedies.


Hilton Herbs Canine Releaf Gold (Joint Health) helps support and maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system in your dog.  This product features  generous concentrations of herbal tinctures that allow maximum bio- availability and quick absorption. It can be used confidently at any time with even the most delicate digestion system.  Hilton Herbs Releaf Gold ingrediants– Devils Claw root, Meadowsweet herb, White Willow bark with Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey.

Homeopet Natural Pet Solutions  manufactures   a line of 100% natural, homeopathic pet remedies that help treat anxiety, digestive upsets, cough, and hot spots.