BREAKING NEWS from GregRobert! – WellPet to Acquire Sojos

WellPet, manufacturer of natural and pet health-focused pet foods, has acquired Sojos, a family-owned company offering a line of raw, freeze-dried pet food for dogs and cats.

Sojos will continue to be based in Minneapolis, MN.

WellPet says there will be no changes in the day-to-day operations of either company and that Sojos co-owners Ward and Maggie Johnson will help with the transition.


WellPet LLC is a pet food company that includes previous companies:

  1. Wellness Natural Pet Food,
  2. Holistic Select Natural Pet Food,
  3. Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food
  4. Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Snacks,
  5. and now Sojos!

Mother company: Berwind Corporation.

Your opinion please! GregRobert Pet Supplies Pet Site Redesign

We are reaching out to our wonderful customers, visitors and even a few strangers to find out if our site redesign is moving in the right direction.

Our designers have been working on creating an easier to use and aesthetically more appealing we

bsite since late 2011 and we recently launched the new version.  What do you think?  Is it easier to find things?  Are the product images and descriptions better?  Is there anything that you think we should be doing differently?  After all, we are doing this for you – the customer or potential customer and we have thick skin!  Please tell us what we are doing wrong and what we are doing right.

For starters, we are changing the navigation.  The navigation is now evident in a consistent manner on the top of each page using mega menus.  These are drop down menus that allow you to jump to a particular category and/or subcategory from wherever you are on the website.

Next, we have redesigned the individual product pages to make the images larger – but on some browsers this causes you to scroll down to see the options that the product may have and also the detailed description.  Is this an annoyance or do you prefer to see a very clear and large photo of the product without clicking the enlarge button?  Let us know what you think.

Finally our main category pages show images with the subcategory titles.  We think that this makes it easier to visual what category a product that you may be looking for will land in.  Are we right?  Does it make it easier?

Next, we made our sale pages more evident, adding them to the Mega menus on top of the screen.  We think that many of our visitors couldn’t find our sale pages and this limited the amount of money that you – the customer – could save.

We added “Plus Buttons” on all of our Add-to-Cart areas so that you don’t have to type the quantity in the input field anymore.  Just use your mouse to click and increase the quantity.

Finally, on products that have multiple variations, we have added mini-images of all the variations on the main product page, so that you can view the product quickly without clicking to enlarge it.  This gives you an idea of what the packaging or product may look like.

ANY INPUT YOU GIVE US WILL BE APPRECIATED!  Thank you very much in advance,

The Staff at GregRobert Pet Store




Ensuring that GregRobert offers the LOWEST prices on Pet products

A few of our competitors offer “Low Price Guarantees” and most of our competitors don’t offer much at all. GregRobert Pet Supplies is rolling up the sleeves and doing a search of competitors to make sure that we EARN your business with the best service AND the lowest prices.

…. and here is proof  – we’ll send you to a price comparison engine to prove that we are the lowest.

As a matter of fact, it looks like we are the lowest for all Radio Systems Pet Products!

The things that are not evident when using price comparison engines is that GregRobert offers INSTANT quantity discounts on all products in stock.  We are the first online retailer in the pet vertical to do this.  In addition, GregRobert offers free shipping with coupon: freeship on all orders greater than $60.

In this economy, everyone is looking for a deal, even when it comes to the things near and dear to our hearts and GregRobert is committed to offering the lowest prices that we possibly can!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

Animal and Pet/Vet Job Board at Petazon

This just in!

Petazon – the largest online portal for pets and animals has just announced the launch of it’s Animal & Pet Job Board.  Currently boasting over 20,000 animal and pet related jobs – Petazon has partnered with Simply Hired to capitalize on Petazon’s animal related visitors to market US jobs in the animal field.

Below are just a few jobs available.  There is a nominal $5.00 fee to post a job on the board for 30 days (just to cover the administration)

  • Pet Care Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Pet Products Manager
  • Professional Petstylist
  • Presentation Manager(Dept. Mgr.)
  • Pet Salon Manager
  • Pet Training Instructor
  • Cashier
  • Pet Products Associate(Stocker)
  • Pet Care Specialist
  • Pet Stylist
  • Part-Time Sales Associate
  • Store Associate Dog Trainers
  • Grooming Assistant
  • Associate Veterinarian
  • Sales Associate
  • Grooming Salon Manager
  • Contributing Writer/ Cat Behavior
  • Petnurse
  • Price Comparison Shopping Engines Start to Emerge in the Pet Vertical

    Price Comparison engines in the electronics vertical have been around for years, and the monster price comparison engines like BizRate and have also established themselves online – but there are very few price comparison engines that concentrate in the animal and pet vertical.

    Recently, GregRobert Pet Supplies has been added to the two largest (but relatively new)  pet product comparison engines. and are great places for the savvy pet owner to start their search for great pet products.

    Pet Product Comparison engines are simple to use and they give consumers an easy way to find the lowest possible price.  Budding price comparison engines in the pet product and animal vertical do not take into account shipping costs in most cases, as do some of the larger engines like Google Base – but sifting through the larger shopping websites can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

    Not many people have heard about Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips – which are an alternative to those nasty cumbersome Elizabethian Collars that are popular to stop your pet from licking wounds.  If you are looking for these strips, search to find the lowest price AND find the different sizes that are available.  (Sometimes, it is cheaper to buy products in bulk).

    Congratulations to these two new innovative websites and thanks for listing GregRobert!

    Nine Inspirational Blogs that are worth a View!

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    The Michigan Business Blog – – A great blog about the great state of Michigan. This blog is not only about business in Michigan (which needs some inspiration) but about sports and travel and a slew of cool things.

    ShanesTack Horse Care Blog – – An equine heaven.  If you own horses – this blog can be informational, inspiring and humorous all at the same time. Specializing in equine medical and health information.

    Petazon – The Pet Blog – – Written by some of the same authors that write this blog, Petazon is a keeper if you have pets.  We don’t look at this blog as competition .. just an inspiration regarding ideas that pet owners are concerned with.

    The MADE IN THE USA PET SUPPLIES BLOG – – Learn more about products that are made here in the USA.  Concern is mounting across the US to support our manufacturing processes, jobs and workforce.

    RachelsRobin – Wild Bird Blog – – They need water and seed and safety from predators.  Easier said than done – Rachels Robin Wild Bird Blog can help. A great blog about wild birds, bird watching and attracting birds to your backyard.

    BackyardStyle blog for Lawn and Garden – A great blog for all home owners that enjoy gardening, water gardening or maintaining thier lawn.  It talks about pest control and pond water care and a slew of other topics for home owners.

    Appliance Life Blog – – Are you a fixem’ upper’?  If so, here is another great blog for home owners which focuses on extending the life of household appliances through maintenance and part replacement rather than buying new ones.

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    Happy Blogging and thanks for stopping in to visit our friends in the Blogosphere! –