Heart-Felt Gifts for Your Dog This Valentine’s Day

Treat your dog to something special this February by giving your dog a Valentine’s Day gift he or she will adore.  Your dog is always your loyal friend and offers your great companionship.  Reciprocate the sentiment by giving your dog his or her favorite treat, a new plush toy or a cozy bed to snuggle in.  Whatever you choose, your dog is sure to be happy and will show you lots of love!

Nothing is more for your dog than to snuggle up in a soft, cozy bed.  One of my new favorite dog beds this year is the AKC Ultra Bolster Dog Bedby Petmate.  This soft, neutral dog bed is perfect for a nice, long nap or just hanging out.  Your dog will love the extra soft cushion and enjoy using it throughout the day and night.  It is made of polyester fiber fill and perfect for sinking into and may be placed in your pet’s favorite location to make any spot in your home more comfortable and relaxing.

For times when you can’t be with your dog, a plush dog toy can be very comfortable and fun for your dog to snuggle with.  One of my favorite plush dog toys for any canine friend is the Plush Woodland Moose Dog Toy by Ethical.  This toy is made with soft plush that is sure to become the perfect snuggling partner for your dog.   Another great plush dog toy is the Colossal Plush Lion Dog Toy.  This plush dog toy is larger in size and great for hours of snuggling.  It also makes a great cushion for your dog to lay on. 

If your dog would prefer a tasty dog treat over a dog toy or dog bed, then choose a dog treat that your dog is sure to love and give it in moderation.  If your dog enjoys bacon flavor treats, the Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bacon Chews make a healthy and tasty treat for your dog to snack on.  Pick a treat that your dog is sure to love and your dog will greatly appreciate it!

Unique and Practical Holiday Dog Gifts

The holiday season is quickly approaching and now is a great time to get the dog or dog owner in your life the perfect dog gift for the holidays.  When choosing a gift for a dog, it is a good idea to find out if he or she is in need of anything in particular.  If not, then you are free to get creative.  Regardless of your circumstance,  unique and practical dog gifts make ideal gifts for any dog.  There are so many to choose, but here are a few of my favorites:

One of my favorite items for dogs is the Ultra Bubbler Pet Fountain by Petmate.  This stylish water fountain is designed to provide a dog with a constant supply of fresh water and is very practical, while being fun to use.  Just fill the fountain with a gallon and a half of water in the morning and the air pump system will oxygenate the water by creating bubbles in the water all day long. The water tastes fresher and cleaner and your dog will be able to notice the difference.  The continuous supply of bubbles is also great for helping to prevent the growth of bacteria.  This item is ideal for any size dog.

To keep the dog in your life cozy and warm, choose a dog parka like the Square Quilted Zip Pockets Dog Parka.  This cute little parka is perfect for keeping any dog warm in the snow and cold temperatures and comes with sleeves and a hood.  It is available in red or black in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of dogs.  In addition to providing warmth for your dog, this parka also has a two zip up treat pockets for good behavior.  When it gets dirty, just throw it into the machine in cold water and in the dryer on low to dry.  Any dog would appreciate this stylish yet warm parka!

Nothing is more luxurious and practical for a dog’s comfort then the All Season Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed.  This bed is made of soft, cozy material and may be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer to help keep your dog the perfect temperature any time of the year.  It is available in two neutral color combinations that blend in well with any decor.  Dogs love the soothing warmth of the bed throughout the year and enjoy the coolness on really hot days in the summer.

Choosing an unique and practical gift for your dog is easy and fun when you have a lot of choices.  For more great holiday gift ideas in a wide variety of price ranges, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies.