Keep Your Dog Warm and Toasty Outdoors this Fall

Most dogs love to spend time outdoors as much as possible, but when the weather gets cold, it becomes harder for them to remain outside.  By providing your dog with a heated outdoor space, you can extend the amount of time your dog can stay outdoors.  To create a heated outdoor space, here are some essentials that you will need to have:

  1. First, start off with some durable and sturdy shelter for your dog.  A wooden dog house works great for protecting your dog from the elements.  One of my favorite dog houses is the Premium + Aframe Doghouse that is made of natural wood.  This dog house is designed to safely protect your dog from rain, snow, and other elements.  It also has a clear plastic door that is sold separately for keeping wind, rain, and snow out.  By adding a dog house to your yard, your dog will have a place to go if he gets too cold or the weather is unbearable.
  2. Another piece to creating a warm outdoor space for your dog is a heated pad.   The Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed is ideal for keeping your dog warm when outdoors.  The pad may be used inside the dog house or in another type of sheltered area.  This pad is great because it offers a soft, warm place for your pet to rest, may be easily cleaned with the wipe of a damp cloth, and has a chew resistant cord.
  3. If you plan on keeping your dog for a longer period of time, it is a good idea to offer your dog a dish of heated water.  The warm water will help to warm your dog inside and make his stay outside more comfortable.  Choose a heated dog dish like the Heated Pet Water Bowl by Farm Innovators.  This dog dish is thermostatically controlled to keep your dog’s water at a constant temperature and holds one and a half gallons of water.

Your dog will be able to stay outdoors longer if you create a warm and cozy outdoor living space for your dogs.  By using a dog house, a heated dog pad, and a heated dog dish, you can easily create a warm place for your dog to enjoy throughout the fall and winter. 

Here is a nice article about the heated cat beds that GregRobert donated this week.