Heated Pet Beds That Will Keep Your Pet Cozy

This is the perfect time of the year to invest in a heated pet bed for your cat or dog.  Heated pet beds are great for your pet to nap or relax in because they give your pet a soft, warm place to nap any where in your home.  These pet beds are designed not to overheat and maintain a constant temperature that is ideal for your pet’s body temperature.  You can feel safe when your pet uses any of these great heated pet beds.

One of my favorite heated pet beds for either cats or dogs is the Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion for Cats and Dogs.  This heated pet bed offers your pet support around the back and the sides for comfortable support when napping.   It has a low wattage, so it won’t use much energy and it is very easy to care for because the heater is removable for washing the bed in the machine.  Your cat or dog will love this warm and cozy heated pet bed.

The Thermo-Bed Heated Dog Bed is the perfect heated pet bed for a wide variety of dogs.  This soft, comforter-style pet bed is not only great for large dogs, but may also used be used for more than one small dog or multiple cats.  Use this heated pet bed anywhere in your home, on the floor, on the couch, or on a bed, to provide an extra soft and warm resting place for your pet.

A cozy, little hideaway for your pet cat is the Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Hut.  This adorable cat bed has a hood over the bed, which makes it the perfect place for your cat to hide and snuggle.  Your cat will love the extra warmth this heated pet bed provides your cat and is sure to spend time in it everyday.  The material is super soft, so your cat won’t be able to resist this wonderful heated pet bed.

All of these innovative heated pet beds are by K and H Manufacturing.  To check out all of their great pet beds, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies.

Keep Your Dog Warm and Toasty Outdoors this Fall

Most dogs love to spend time outdoors as much as possible, but when the weather gets cold, it becomes harder for them to remain outside.  By providing your dog with a heated outdoor space, you can extend the amount of time your dog can stay outdoors.  To create a heated outdoor space, here are some essentials that you will need to have:

  1. First, start off with some durable and sturdy shelter for your dog.  A wooden dog house works great for protecting your dog from the elements.  One of my favorite dog houses is the Premium + Aframe Doghouse that is made of natural wood.  This dog house is designed to safely protect your dog from rain, snow, and other elements.  It also has a clear plastic door that is sold separately for keeping wind, rain, and snow out.  By adding a dog house to your yard, your dog will have a place to go if he gets too cold or the weather is unbearable.
  2. Another piece to creating a warm outdoor space for your dog is a heated pad.   The Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed is ideal for keeping your dog warm when outdoors.  The pad may be used inside the dog house or in another type of sheltered area.  This pad is great because it offers a soft, warm place for your pet to rest, may be easily cleaned with the wipe of a damp cloth, and has a chew resistant cord.
  3. If you plan on keeping your dog for a longer period of time, it is a good idea to offer your dog a dish of heated water.  The warm water will help to warm your dog inside and make his stay outside more comfortable.  Choose a heated dog dish like the Heated Pet Water Bowl by Farm Innovators.  This dog dish is thermostatically controlled to keep your dog’s water at a constant temperature and holds one and a half gallons of water.

Your dog will be able to stay outdoors longer if you create a warm and cozy outdoor living space for your dogs.  By using a dog house, a heated dog pad, and a heated dog dish, you can easily create a warm place for your dog to enjoy throughout the fall and winter. 

Here is a nice article about the heated cat beds that GregRobert donated this week.

Choosing a Heated Bed for your Pet


Heated Pet Beds give warmth and comfort to pet in both indoor and outdoor application. Outdoor electric products are more limited in selection.
Manufacturers of heated beds include K and H Manufacturing, Petsafe (a component of Radio Systems Corporation), Farm Innovators , Petstages, Four Paws , Brampton Company and Pet Supply Imports to name a few. They can be broken down into two basic categories. Electric heated pet beds (K and H Manufacturing , Petsafe & Farm Innovators) and non-electric (all other manufactures listed).  They work in various ways as we describe below.
K and H Heated Dog Pad

Electric pet beds and mats have a heating unit inside the item which warms the bed when it is plugged in. They have a thermostat to control the heat level and are designed to maintain a temperature of about 102 degrees Fahrenheit when your pet is on the pad. This is the natural temperature of your pets body.

This will allow a comfortable heat level for your pet but not something that feels too hot. The product is not a heat blanket and will not warm to that heat level. This would be uncomfortable to your pet. I have found that I can detect the heating of the bed/mat by putting my hand on a plugged in item but it is subtle.

One method to detect the heat to to put a telephone book on the item and let it sit for 1/2 hour. Then feel under the book for the warmth.

Outdoor Electric Pet Beds/Mats
Outdoor beds/mats need to be able to withstand the elements and are therefore less selection is available. K and H Manufacturing makes two nice outdoor products in the Lectro-Soft Heated Pet Bed and the Lectro-Kennel Heated Pet Mat . The Lectro-Soft is a soft bed that is a very popular item. The Lectro-Kennel is a firmer plastic encased unit that can come with a cloth cover. This may be more applicable if your pet likes to chew soft items.

Indoor Electric Pet Beds/Mats
There are many types of indoor electric beds from mats to snuggles to orthopedic foam for older dogs or those with joint issues. The manufacturing requirements are not as difficult as the outdoor beds so the selection is much more extensive. Most have removable covers for washing. Some have removable heat units that can be stored in warmer months while still using the bed.

Electric Pet Bed Usage
There are a few things to remember when using electric pet beds. If your pet likes to chew cords this may not be an appropriate application for your pet. Some products put chew guards on the cord. In the end it is the responsibility of the pet owner to monitor the situation and determine if the application is appropriate. Also, be sure that your pet has the option to get on and off of the pad whenever he/she wants. Putting a heated unit in a kennel without the ability to move away from the heat source can cause the animal to become uncomfortable and overheat.

Non-Electric Heated Pet Beds
These beds are typically either made from heat reflective material that naturally heat when the pet lays on the item or microwavable inserts that the owner heats in the oven and inserts in an existing bed. This can be an option for those without electricity present in the area the bed is being used or if they feel an electrical product is not right for them. Microwavable inserts give warmth for 4 to 6 hours. These may be suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Be sure to follow the heating instructions and do not overheat. I have heard of a pet owner causing the item to explode in a microwave when the item is left in too long. There is also a concern if the item is too warm for the pet.

If the product instructions are followed there should be no issue. As with the electric units, always allow your pet the option to move away from the heated area so that they do not overheat. This is of concern in areas of restricted movement such as kennels and cages.

Your pet will enjoy cuddling to a warm bed on a cold night. Many options are available for the consumers specific application as discussed above. Puppies may also find heated beds a source of security and warmth as they relate the beds features back to those supplied by their mother. Orthopedic heated dog beds are ideal for older dogs with stiff joints. Most have removable covers for washing.

 Whatever your pets needs this may be an item that is worth consideration.

Electric Pet Beds and Mats – How they function