Save Time and Money This Holiday Season When Shopping for Your Pet

No matter what type of pet that you have, online shopping makes it easy for you to get great gifts for your dog or cat without all of the hassels of going out to the store and getting stuck in the crowd.  Shopping for your pet online is easy and quit and allows you to look at lots of items in the matter of minutes. Here are some of my favorite online toys for pets this holiday season:

  1. Eco-Friendly Dog Toys:  These toys are great for the environment and ideal for your dog.  There are many to choose from, but my favorite dog toy is the Bottle Buddies Dog Toyby Kyjen.  Just take a used water bottle and slip the bottle inside the plush toy for your dog to play with.  Your dog will have hours of fun and you help to save a water bottle from ending up in a landfill.
  2. Heated Ped Beds:  Nothing is more soothing after a hard day of playing that a heated pet bed for your dog or cat.  When choosing a pet bed, pick one that will be easy to clean and one that is large enough for your dog or cat to spread out and relax.  A great pet bed for both cats and dogs is the Heated Pet Wellness Sleeper Bed.  This bed is available in a wide range of sizes and four earth-tone colors.
  3. Gourmet Treats for Your Cat or Dog:  Now is a great time for you to splurge on a gourmet treat for your cat or dog. Place these extra special treats in your cat or dog’s stocking for a tasty surprise during the holidays.  For cats, the Kookamunga Crunchy Catnip Treats is a crunchy treat that your cat won’t be able to resist and is extra special for the holidays.  For dogs, the Zukes Z-Filets Dog Treats is made from premium ingredients that will make your dog drool. These treats are available in three cuts of meat. 

No matter what type of animal pet you have, shopping online for them is easy and quick and allows you to avoid the holiday crowds.  Check out GregRobert Pet Supply for everything that you need for your pet!