“Petworking” – a new type of Social Networking for Animal Lovers

FunnyPaws.com launched earlier this year as the most flexible Pet Social Networking website around – but what exactly is petworking, as some like to call it?

Petworking is socializing online with other pets.  Some websites like to think that the pets are really socializing, but it’s actually pet lovers, pet owners and animal lovers that are really socializing.  Many pet social networks allow pet owners to congregate in various groups based on location, pet type and other parameters.

FunnyPaws takes the concept of petworking further than any other network to attempt this.  They have developed an extensive feature set where pet owners can create groups and blogs with like minded animal lovers.  Similar to facebook, on FunnyPaws, photos and videos are a central part of the social networking.  FunnyPaws focuses on the entertainment, love and happiness that the animals in our life provides.

FunnyPaws is free and is relatively ad-free currently.  It already has a generous following and we think that it’s going to be a success – Join here: www.FunnyPaws.com