“Petworking” – a new type of Social Networking for Animal Lovers

FunnyPaws.com launched earlier this year as the most flexible Pet Social Networking website around – but what exactly is petworking, as some like to call it?

Petworking is socializing online with other pets.  Some websites like to think that the pets are really socializing, but it’s actually pet lovers, pet owners and animal lovers that are really socializing.  Many pet social networks allow pet owners to congregate in various groups based on location, pet type and other parameters.

FunnyPaws takes the concept of petworking further than any other network to attempt this.  They have developed an extensive feature set where pet owners can create groups and blogs with like minded animal lovers.  Similar to facebook, on FunnyPaws, photos and videos are a central part of the social networking.  FunnyPaws focuses on the entertainment, love and happiness that the animals in our life provides.

FunnyPaws is free and is relatively ad-free currently.  It already has a generous following and we think that it’s going to be a success – Join here: www.FunnyPaws.com

Networking with Pets: How Your Furry Friend Can Help You Build Connections

Did you know that your pet can be a powerful networking tool? Whether you’re a pet owner or a pet lover, connecting with others through your furry friend can open doors to new opportunities and connections. Here’s how:

1. Attend Pet-Friendly Events

Pet-friendly events, like dog parks and pet adoption fairs, are a great place to meet other pet owners and pet lovers. Strike up a conversation with other attendees and share stories about your pets. You never know who you might meet and what connections you can make.

2. Volunteer with Animals

Volunteering with animals is not only a great way to give back to your community, but it’s also an opportunity to meet new people who share your love for pets. Animal shelters and rescue organizations are always in need of volunteers, so consider giving your time and building connections while making a difference.

3. Share Your Pet on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for building connections, and your pet can be a great way to attract followers and engagement. Share pictures and stories of your pet on social media and use relevant hashtags to attract other pet lovers. You can even buy Twitter retweets to boost your posts and increase your visibility. Check out https://themarketingheaven.com/buy-twitter-retweets/ to learn more about buying retweets.

4. Join Pet Groups and Communities

Joining pet groups and communities online and offline can help you connect with other pet owners and pet lovers. Look for groups on social media, Meetup, or other online platforms, or join local pet clubs and organizations. These groups can provide opportunities to network and build relationships with like-minded people.

In conclusion, networking with pets can be a fun and effective way to build connections and expand your social circle. By attending pet-friendly events, volunteering with animals, sharing your pet on social media, and joining pet groups and communities, you can connect with other pet lovers and potentially even find new opportunities. So don’t be afraid to let your furry friend help you network!

Eating Suet is for the birds!

Suet, as a matter of Fat!

If you are an avid bird feeder, you may have heard that bird suet is made from fat — as a matter of fact it is often rendered animal fat. If a bird was a human, that wouldn’t exactly qualify for healthy eating – as we have been told to lighten up on fat in our diets.

That’s not the same for wild birds, especially in the winter and summer months. Fat plays an especially important role in both human and avian diets.

Along with protein and carbohydrates, fat is one of the three dietary sources of energy. Energy is calories, of course. So suet feed is a good source of energy.

Fats are concentrated forms of energy and, per unit weight, provide more than twice the caloric energy as protein or carbohydrates of equivalent weight.

Did you know that birds have an accelerated metabolism? (wish that I did, but alas that is not the case). Think about it – they fly through the air, suspending their entire body weight while doing it. I know that they aren’t the average weight of you or I, but that still takes alot of energy. Fat energy helps them sustain activity levels longer between meals.

Enter: Suet. A nutritiously (for birds) food that can attract them to your yard.

St. Pats’ Day – Innovative Products for Pets

Your Favorite PUP will look “lucky” in this adorably green St. Patricks Day outfit. The Little Leprechaun girl dog costume is one of the best we’ve ever found for small dogs. Meticulously detailed down to the sequins on the jacket lappets, gold trim cuffs and accents. Comfortable, easy fit – but make sure you monitor your little princess in this outfit – for safety’s sake. If you’d like more pics of the costume, you can find them at Bidtraining.com.

Stay connected to your pet with this camera and remote treat dispenser. You will LOVE interacting with your pet at work, when your out late and even on vacation!


The Petcube Camera is one of the first products that allows pet owners to watch, talk to and play with their pet from their smartphone, no matter where they are.

Whoa! is the reaction of our customers to this remote treat dispenser and pet monitoring camera. Use your Iphone to drop the delicious nuggets and watch your furry friend wag his or her tail in excitement.  This is great for pet owners that are away at work all day.


Last but not least, CBD oil that is designed specifically for pets will work in a similar way that it does for human beings. It is formulated to help your dog with symptoms like pain, nausea, inflammation, vomiting, seizures, and anxiety, visit this page to see the full article information.

Breaking New – Abady Cat Food – Recall

The Robert Abady Dog Food Co. has issued a recall of its Abady Highest Quality Maintenance & Growth Formula for Cats because of possible salmonella contamination.

The food was sold in stores and online throughout the country.

The recalled product comes in two, five, and 15 pound corrugated boxes with plastic liners. They are marked on the top right-hand side of the box with lot number of 14029/21.

If you have purchased this food for your cat, return it to the store where you bought it for a full refund.

The company can be reached for questions at 845-473-1900.

In-House Window Bird Feeders – Convenient

It took me a while to figure out how this new fangled window feeders by Heath worked, but when I figured it out, I couldn’t believe how ingenious of a product this was.


A window feeder that actually let you get up close and personal with your backyard birds without the suction cups and mess when the feeder eventually falls.

View the birds and refill the feeder in the comfort of your living room or kitchen or breakfast gazebo!

We started carrying these in-house window bird feeders last month and they are sky-rocketing in popularity. They allow you to view your backyard birds so close that you won’t believe it! The one way mirror film encases the glass. You see the birds and they don’t see you!

This window bird feeder fits inside your window sill and its convenient trap door allows you to clean it and refill it right from inside your home. Its unique engineering allows you to shut and lock your window with the feeder in place and snugly fits double hung windows up to 39″ wide with its adjustable side panels.

Refill with seed right from inside your home!

The feeder is constructed of excellent quality cedar and features a shatter-proof window for your viewing pleasure. Installation is a snap on this window bird feeder. No nails or screws, no mess. Our in-house window bird feeder comes complete with additional insulation material if you live in colder climates.

You can fill it with your favorite seed and watch the birds in your living room within minutes of taking it out of the box. Whether you live in a city apartment or on a farm this feeder will delight you for years to come. Made in the USA

The deluxe version has dimensions: 21.875″L X 7.5″D X 13.875″H

Celebrate the New Year with the Birds


To make the new year festive for the birds, give the birds in your yard a special treat this new year.  A great tasting bird seed is sure to lure a variety of birds to your yard.  With so few birds around in the winter, it is a great time to use a special seed mix to attract the birds that have stayed for the winter.  During the winter, birds need bird seed that is high in protein and high in fat to help them survive.

A great winter bird seed for the birds is the Kaytee Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed.  This bird seed contains high quality black oil sunflower seeds that birds love to eat.  Black oil sunflower seeds are high in both protein and fat and perfect for feeding the birds in the winter.  A wide variety of birds love to eat this type of seed and will be attracted to your bird feeders all winter long.

If you live in a warmer climate and have finches all year love, a great bird seed for finches is the Kaytee Wild Finch Bird Seed.  This seed may be given to a variety of finches all year long and is ideal for use in a finch bird feeder.  Fortified with a mineral supplement and high in protein and fat, your backyard birds will stay healthy all winter long.

To help boost energy and add some variety to the bird’s diet, try using a bird seed like Peterson Field Guides Flourish Wild Bird Food.  Made with a variety of tasty nuts like almonds, peanuts, pecans, and cashews, the birds in your backyard will go crazy for this great tasting bird seed.  The mix of nuts gives the birds a variety of flavors that birds love to eat and the high protein and fat source that birds need for survival.

Essential Crate Training for Any Dog

Most people don’t know or don’t realize that crates are very beneficial for a dog’s mental well-being. Having a crate in your home for your dog, not only benefits you, but it also benefits your dog. Dogs consider crates to be their den and a special and safe refuge away from everyone else. In general, dogs really enjoy spending time in the crate. It is best to start using a crate when your dog is young, so he gets used to the idea of being in the crate. According to an article posted at Observer website, in order to train him to go there you use cbd pet treats to guide him to it.

A crate can be used to keep your dog inside during the night or while you are away to avoid having him mess in the house or prevent other destructive behaviors, sometimes being in the crates can make them be a little bit stress to help them be less anxious, Herb  hemp oil can help, just a few drops can relax them and ease the aggression that comes from fear.

Once you have started the routine of using a dog crate, your dog will become accustomed to it and often go inside on his own and is one of the many accessories you can get so your dog is happy and educated, other thing you can get is a backpack for a dog that you can get from sites as TreeHousePuppies.com for when you take him/her for a walk and don’t want to carry extra weight with you. Looking for a special teacup puppy?  At foufoupuppies offers tiny teacup divas and divos are guaranteed to melt your heart with their furry faces, zesty energy, and vibrant personalities.

One of my favorite crates for home or travel use is the kennel of Garden & Animal Structures – Petmate. This kennel-style crate is made of durable plastic with a metal door and comes in a variety of sizes. The crate is easy to take apart and clean. The top has a handle for carrying and a small storage compartment for food, treats, and more. My favorite online pet store is Snugglenook, they have top quality pet products and pet toys to engage your pets keeping them happy and healthy.

Place this crate anywhere in your home to keep your dog safely contained. For extra comfort, use a crate pad, such as the Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed, inside and your dog is sure love it!

Another great style of crate for your dog is the Life Stages – Double Door Dog Crates. This wire crate is made of coated metal wire with a plastic pan at the bottom to make cleaning easy. It is available in a variety of sizes and has double doors to make access to your pet easy. If you need to travel with your dog, this crate folds down to take up less space and is easy to put back together. A pad, like the Quiet Time Deluxe Black Pet Mat, is perfect to use with a wire crate and gives your pet an extra soft place to rest. You may need to read these Stop That Dog training guides you get the full concept of what I’m talking about they are very detailed.

Visit Los Angeles Times to find amazing CBD treats that you can use to train your dog. Crate training is great for both you and your dog and gives your dog a place to call his own. A crate may be used for a variety of purposes, including traveling with your dog. For a great selection of dog crates and crate pads, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies.

BREAKING NEWS from GregRobert! – WellPet to Acquire Sojos

WellPet, manufacturer of natural and pet health-focused pet foods, has acquired Sojos, a family-owned company offering a line of raw, freeze-dried pet food for dogs and cats.

Sojos will continue to be based in Minneapolis, MN.

WellPet says there will be no changes in the day-to-day operations of either company and that Sojos co-owners Ward and Maggie Johnson will help with the transition.


WellPet LLC is a pet food company that includes previous companies:

  1. Wellness Natural Pet Food,
  2. Holistic Select Natural Pet Food,
  3. Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food
  4. Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Snacks,
  5. and now Sojos!

Mother company: Berwind Corporation.

Essential Items for a New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy for the first time is a very exciting experience, which can make it difficult to remember all of the essential items that you will need for your puppy.  It is a good idea to make sure that you have all of the essential items that you will need at home before you go to pick up your puppy. You will also want to make sure you’re in shape because now you have to keep up with a very energetic pup. Look at Bioharmony complex plus reviews and see if it’s right for you, it works pretty well for slimming up.

Once you have picked up your puppy, you will want to have those items ready and available for your puppy.  It is also a good idea to talk to the breeder beforehand to see what type of food your puppy eats, the toys he likes to play with and so on…

  • A crate. When picking up your puppy directly from the breeder, make sure that you have a crate, like the Life Stages – Double Door Dog Crates, with you to carry and transport your puppy in.  A crate is not only great for transporting your puppy, it is also makes a secure place for your puppy to sleep in throughout the day or at night. It will also keep your puppy safe and out of trouble if you have to leave your home.
  • A food and water dish.  Get a food and water dish before you take your puppy home, so you can have your puppy’s eating area ready for him when he arives home.   Ask your breeder if your type of puppy has any dish requirements.  Also, if you have a small breed dog, then choose a dish that is small for little dogs and easy for your dog to eat and drink from.  If your dog is a big breed dog, then choose a dish for a large breed.  Your puppy will be growing by leaps and bounds, so it is a good idea to get a dish that is the appropriate size to avoid buying a new dish every time your puppy grows.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the latest buzz words in the health, beauty, and fitness worlds, according to this site your fur baby can also enjoy the benefits of CBD to improve their quality of life.
  • A collar and leash.  Before you pick up your puppy, ask your breeder for a measurement of your dog’s neck size and a recommedation for the type of collar that works best for that breed.  A great type of collar for any breed is a nylon collar.  A nylon collar is very sturdy and durable and will hold up well for a long time. When buying the collar, don’t forget the leash.  You will need the leash for walking your puppy and for any types of behaviour training that you have to do at home.  It is also a great idea to purchase an ID tag to help identify your puppy if he escapes from your home or yard.
  • Yard Containment. If you don’t already have a fence, keeping your puppy contained can be a challenge.  Use a outdoor pen if your puppy is small enough. If your puppy is too big for an outdoor pen, use a trolley or stake with a chain, such as the Cider Mill Puppy Tieout, to allow your puppy some freedom to find the special bathroom place.  Once your puppy has gotten a little older and bigger, you may want to consider a more permanent solution, such as an electric fence to keep your puppy safely contained in your yard.
  • Housebreaking Pads and Cleaning Solution.  These items are critical for any puppy owner and make house breaking a lot easier on you and a lot less stressful.  The Wee-Wee Pads Puppy Housebreaking Pads are great for absorbing urine and odor and make cleaning up pet waste much easier. Use a solution, like Petastic Stain and Odor Remover, to remove the stain and odor and prevent your puppy from going again in that spot.
  • Toys.  It is a great idea to purchase a variety of toys for your new puppy to play with.  A soft toy will be comforting and fun to chew on, while a ball or tug toy will help your puppy to release some energy.

Being prepared for your new puppy makes the transition less stressful for both you and your puppy.  It will help to make your puppy feel welcome and more secure with his new home and allow to spend more time just bonding with your beautiful, new puppy!  For a great selection of both puppy and dog supplies, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies.

Feeding Your Backyard Birds with a Suet Feeder



Suet feeders are great for providing birds with the food and nutrients that they need for survival throughout the year. In addition to being a great source of food for the birds, suet feeders are easy to maintain and insert a suet cake. The suet cake neatly contains all of the essential nutrients birds need to thrive and is not as messy as regular bird seed. Even though the suet cake will last a long time in your suet feeder, always remember to replace it when it becomes old in order to keep the birds healthy and interested in your feeder.

Suet feeders are available in a variety of styles, but most suet feeders have the same basic square shape and consist of a metal cage that holds the suet cake. The metal cage is a standard size and will typically hold any type of suet cake. One of my favorite basic suet feeders is the Hanging Suet Basket with Copper Roof. This simple, yet stylish suet feeder, has a small copper roof that provides the suet cake with protection from the elements. It is a great value and looks great hanging in a tree or on a post. You may want to place a few suet feeders around your yards once you start having birds snacking on one.
If you like the idea of a suet feeder, but would also like to feed the birds seed, too, then a suet and seed combo feeder is perfect for you. My favorite combination feeder is the Deluxe Cedar Chalet Feeder w/suet. This charming and practical feeder can hold two suet cakes and 5.25 pounds of bird seed. With a feeder like this one, you can attract a variety of multiple birds at one time. It has clear panels on either side to make viewing the bird seed easy and is mostly constructed of cedar wood for durability.
If you are an environmentally conscious bird lover, than you may want to use a suet feeder made from recycled materials. The Going Green Recycled Plastic Suet Bird Feeder has a roof made from recycled plastic and steel cage that is strong and durable. The recycled plastic roof won’t absorb water and become moldy. This suet feeder is great for helping the environment and for feeding the birds.
Adding a suet cake to your bird feeder collection is ideal for any busy bird lover. Suet feeder are easy to fill and maintain. Suet cakes don’t create a big mess and are a great source of nutrients for birds.