It is National Earth Day! How Can Your Pet “Go Green”?

Everyone is always thinking about how humans can “go green.”  But what about pets?  Generally speaking, animals do not have as large of a carbon footprint as humans because they do not drive or fly.  However, there are some different products you can buy for your pet that will have less of an environmental impact than the ones you already have!  Being that today is National Earth Day, today is a perfect day to start thinking about the environmentally healthy changes you can make.

Cat’s Litter Box:  Of all of the types of cat litter, clay litter has by far the worst impact on the environment.  Not only does clay litter contain harmful chemicals, but it also does not break down in landfills.  Can you imagine all the waste and urine soaked clay litter that just sits in landfills forever?  Not pleasant!   Another negative to clay litter is that it is dusty, which means the dust can enter your cat’s respiratory system and cause them to become ill.

A  better choice is “pine-based” litter, like Feline Pine Natural Pine Cat Litter, pictured above.  It is made of natural pine, which is chemical free.  Being that it is 100% natural, it will easily break down in landfills.  Using pine-based litter is a great way to lessen your cat’s carbon footprint!  The Feline Pine Natural Pine Cat Litter is not dusty (so it will not impact your cat’s respiratory system), and it will naturally neutralize waste odors.

Flea/Tick Repellents for Dogs and Cats:  If you are not using a holistic flea or tick repellent for your pet, chances are that it is not good for the environment.  Check with your vet to find out which flea and tick repellents he can prescribe that do not have harmful chemicals.  Just remember that you can not use a dog flea/tick product on a cat, or vice versa.

Animal Mess Clean-up:  Plenty of pet cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals.  Not only that, but the container the materials come in usually do not break down well in landfills.  However, a very popular brand of cleaner is enzyme-based, and therefore superior to other cleaners.  I am talking about Nature’s Miracle!  They have a variety of products that work wonders.  To name a few, they have paw wipes: Nature’s Miracle No Tracking Paw Wipes – 75 pack, stain remover to use on hard surfaces: Natures Miracle Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover, pet dander remover: Natures Miracle Pet Dander Remover & Deodorizer, and even skunk remover: Natures Miracle Skunk Odor Remover.