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Winterize Horses’ Hooves

A horse’s hoof is the key to the animal’s health and well-being–no hoof, no horse. Nutrition and conscientious hoof care are essential. Steady maintenance during the winter months serves as a precursor to resilient hooves during warmer riding weather. Daily

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Kaytee Product Recall – Please Note / Mostly Pet Bird Treats

Kaytee Products is recalling several bird treats and greens items due to possible contamination of Salmonella from parsley flake ingredients supplied to Kaytee by Specialty Commodities, Inc., an outside supplier to Kaytee. Product Code/SKU/ Material # UPC Code Size Product Name/Description Best

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Pet Dental Health is as Easy as 1-2-3

National Pet Dental Health Month is approaching quickly.   Sponsored by a number of well known organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, American Veterinary Dental College and Hill’s Pet

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Winter Health Tips from GregRobert Pet Supplies

Winter has finally arrived in Michigan and it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your pet safe during the cold months. Don’t leave your dog or pet outside for long periods of time. Consider purchasing a pet door.

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GregRobert Pet Supplies – Supporting Hurricane Sandy Animals

Hurricane Sandy has caused much distress across much of the US East Coast. GregRobert Enterprises, LLC – owners of GregRobert Pet Supplies, and PetStrut is offering support to pets affected by the storm. Up and down the East Coast,

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Eco-Care – a TOP new GREEN pet product on Sale at

Housebreaking your new puppy can seem like a chore. Eco-Care Puppy Training pads make a tough job easier with a carefully blended attractant to encourage your puppy to eliminate on the pad and not your carpets. For the first few

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Zupreem Voluntary Recall of FruitBlend Bird Foods

ZuPreem® is voluntarily recalling the 11/30/13 and the 11/13 expiration date codes of ZuPreem Medium/Large and Large FruitBlend™ With Natural Fruit Flavors maintenance formula bird foods. This voluntary recall is being initiated because two lots may contain calcium levels higher

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How do I get rid of nasty litter smells?

There are few smells worse than the smell of cat litter lingering on long past it’s expiration date and unfortunately that expiration date comes about 24 hours after the offending act.  Caring for your cat’s litter box is not a chore to

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It’s National Dog Day – Honor Thy Dog!

Use coupon: dogday to save $5.00 instantly at today!

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Go Green with your Reptiles and Aquatic Supplies!

When you think of the environment, you probably don’t think about the environment inside your reptile’s habitat or inside your aquarium.  It’s also quite possible that you have never searched for green products for your fish and reptile or even

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