Celebrate the New Year with the Birds


To make the new year festive for the birds, give the birds in your yard a special treat this new year.  A great tasting bird seed is sure to lure a variety of birds to your yard.  With so few birds around in the winter, it is a great time to use a special seed mix to attract the birds that have stayed for the winter.  During the winter, birds need bird seed that is high in protein and high in fat to help them survive.

A great winter bird seed for the birds is the Kaytee Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed.  This bird seed contains high quality black oil sunflower seeds that birds love to eat.  Black oil sunflower seeds are high in both protein and fat and perfect for feeding the birds in the winter.  A wide variety of birds love to eat this type of seed and will be attracted to your bird feeders all winter long.

If you live in a warmer climate and have finches all year love, a great bird seed for finches is the Kaytee Wild Finch Bird Seed.  This seed may be given to a variety of finches all year long and is ideal for use in a finch bird feeder.  Fortified with a mineral supplement and high in protein and fat, your backyard birds will stay healthy all winter long.

To help boost energy and add some variety to the bird’s diet, try using a bird seed like Peterson Field Guides Flourish Wild Bird Food.  Made with a variety of tasty nuts like almonds, peanuts, pecans, and cashews, the birds in your backyard will go crazy for this great tasting bird seed.  The mix of nuts gives the birds a variety of flavors that birds love to eat and the high protein and fat source that birds need for survival.