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How to Prepare Your Home for Your New Four-Legged Friend

By giving a dog a forever home, you will not only be gaining a new best friend, but you will also be saving them from possible destruction. In some United States shelters, the number of animals destroyed can be extremely

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Does Your Cat Need to Drink Water……YES!

Although cats do not drink nearly as much water as dogs,  they need enough water to maintain optimum kidney health and to lower the risk of  urinary tract infections. Drinking water flushes toxins out of your cat’s system.  A constant source of fresh water

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Even Small Pets Need Beds

Time to get your chinchilla, rabbit or guinea pig a bed. There are so many cute and comfy small pet beds available. From grass beds to sleep sacks to hanging beds to small animal heated pad to keep your buddy warm on the upcoming

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Perfect Horse Grooming Kit

There are many reasons to groom your horse.  Of course, your horse loves to bond with you so that alone is a good reason. In addition you want to clean him so he will look good and feel comfortable.  When

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Get the Perfect Cat Scratching Post

Do you know why cats  scratch the same area over and over?  It is their way of communicating and marking their territory.  First of all, the scratch marks leave a visual clue that they have been in the area.  Secondly, did

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Fun Accessories for Your Pet Turtle’s Home

So you have a turtle picked out, or maybe even have him home with you. Now you need some fun accessories for his house. How about Zoo Med’s Turtle Hut?  It is a half log shelter that looks natural to

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Simple Cat Grooming

You have watched your cat groom herself several times a day.  Cats take care of themselves by licking their fur which keeps it clean and and in place. Some cats look great with little care, those are the ones born with

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Dog Day’s of Summer Sale is in Full Swing – Tell your buddies!

  Our front page image tells it all – the “Dog Days of Summer Sale” is here once again at GregRobert Pet Supplies and we think it’s going to be the biggest and best of all time. First there are

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Redbarn Natural – Made in the USA Dog Treats

Natural or Made in the USA? How about both? Many customers are torn between American loyalty and Natural products.  Ideally, a product would be manufactured in the US and additionally be all-natural, especially products that are for your pet’s consumption.

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Pet Water Needs

Your pet needs constant access to water just we we humans do. With the hotter of summer months approaching their system will require more water to stay healthy. While this is not new news to pet owners there some issues that can

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