Keep Fit in the New Year alongside your Dog

So, today you start your diet and/or new fitness routine, right?

If you are like millions of Americans, today is the day.  Many of us resolve to start the new year jogging, jumping, lifting or walking ourselves into a new body.  We propose that Fido becomes part of that routine.  Not only can it help your resolve, it can give your dog a chance at a hot-new-body, too!

If your pup has put on the pounds in 2011, try switching to a low calorie dog food (by advice of your veterinarian of course).  Our favorite is ProPac’s Low Fat Rice and Chicken Meal dry dog food pictured to the right. Low Fat Rice & Chicken Meal Formula reduces fat and calories without reducing the nutrients necessary to maintain optimum health.  And THAT is doubly important if he/she is going to be joining you on walks or runs!

If your walking fast or jogging, we think that a retractable dog leash is the best option.   You can let your dog run a bit freer on long straight-aways and keep him safe by your side when crossing streets or when little kids on bikes approach.  Our favorite retractable leash is made by Bags on Board.  It has a small addition to it that holds doggie clean-up bags, so you never leave home without the ability to clean-up after your dog.  Cleaning up after your dog is a law in many vicinities, states and cities. A role of 12 doggie clean-up bags fits neatly inside.

Finally, don’t forget the low-calorie dog treats.  We love DOG SLIMS by PetAG.  Dog Slims are fortified with vitamins and minerals to aid in your dog’s health and specifically designed for skin and coat care.  They are super low in calories and super-high in the good stuff, so stock up!

The experts always say that starting a fitness program with a friend helps in the overall success rate – and what better friend is there than your devoted dog!