Stop the Spills with Skid Stop Pet Bowls and Mats

Skid Stop Bowls are designed to stop your pet from scooting, sliding, and chasing his bowl across the floor – thereby limiting spills.
The base of each skid-stop bowl is usually manufactured with a thermoplastic rubber rim to help keep it in its place.
There are a number of No-skid bowls on the market.
JW Pet offers a number of skidless pet bowls, the most recent is the “Slow-Eat Skid Stop Bowl” which serves a dual purpose and helps eliminate the possibility that your dog (or cat) will scarf down his or her meal before you even stop pouring!  It’s pictured to the right and you can see that the design makes it a tad bit more difficult for a pet to get the food out, thereby limiting the speed of eating.
Van Ness plastic molding has a skid-stop pet bowl that is extra heavy weight for those real tough pets. It has a contempory design that comes in multiple sizes for all size pets.
Finally, we like JWPet’s standard Skid-Stop Pet Bowl the best. Heavyweight with traditional styling, it is super easy to clean and is stain resistant, as well as coming in four sizes.
As one of our customer’s so eloquently said it:  “once you purchase a skid-stop for your pet, you will never buy a normal bowl again”.

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