Pet Appreciation Week is Here!

It’s the first week of June, which means it’s Pet Appreciation Week.

This week is about going the extra mile and really showing our furry family members how much we love and cherish them.

According to these statistics from Petfinder, we sure do have a lot to appreciate when it comes to our pets:

  • Nine in ten pet owners say they consider their pets to be members of their family.
  • About 50% of pet owners admit they talk to their pets, and 80% of these people stated that on those occasions, the animal seemed to respond by means of sounds, facial expressions, or body language.
  • 80% of dog and cat owners surveyed feel that their pet can sense their moods.
  • Three in four dog owners believe that their dogs try to make them feel better when they are unhappy.
  • 70% of dog owners and 31% of cat owners expect their dog to come rescue them if they are in distress.
  • While a solid majority of American households (57%) currently have dogs, cats, or both pets in residence, virtually everyone—more than nine in ten—would like to have either or both of these animals as household members.

So, how can you celebrate Pet Appreciation Week with your pet?

  • Buy them a special treat.
  • Take them on a special outing—check out a new park or beach, or even just switch up your walking route.
  • More toys!
  • Freshen your pet up with a bath and some grooming.
  • Lots of extra hugs and kisses!