Pretty in Pink Dog Fashions this Summer

“A pooch in pink is surely a pretty pooch!”said a very famous dog Mom one day.

“Not every dog can wear pink well, but when they do, it was surely bought from GregRobert Pet Supplies.” – said a man holding a bottle of beer.

Interested in a pink summer dress for your pooch to spend warm evenings relaxing beside you on your patio or porch? Or looking for a hot pink leash to glisten in the sun while you take Fido for her morning walk?

Whatever you are searching for in the PINK arena, be sure to visit first for great deals and a great variety!


Hearts to your Dog this Valentines Day – 5 Heartfelt Gifts

Advanced Oral Care Dental Hearts Treats – 14 ct.
Nutritious, edible dog chews with chlorophyll and denta-c, scientifically proven to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria. Specifically designed to help freshen breath. Great for training or multiple treating throughout the day.  These dental hearts are especially great in February because it’s dental health care month too!  Double dip on kindness and love by giving your pup these heart treats.

Hearty Chew – Dog Chewing Toy

The Hearty Chew is a durable toy designed to keep your dog’s interest, while satisfying its desire to chew. Soft yet strong rope can be chewed, tugged and pulled and will not damage dog’s teeth and gums.  Not exactly a heart, but your dog will love you a tad more after getting this hearty chew by Petstages.

Heartbeat Pillow for Puppies or Dogs – 8.25 in.
The Heartbeat Pillow for Puppies or Dogs is part of the Soothing line from Petstages. This unique pillow uses the sound of a heartbeat in order to calm and sooth a nervous puppy or dog. An all time favorite among puppies across the United States – there really is a heartbeat inside this pillow.

Yummy Chummies Salmon Oil – 32 oz.
Enhances palatability of dog food. Helps promote healthy skin, coat and heart. Also helps promote healthy joint maintenance and mobility. Nothing beats Salmon Oil for the heart – and that includes dog hearts, too.

Sweetheart Dog Dish
Distinctive heart shape dish with a pearlized pink finish. Give ’em a heart all year round.  This sweetheart dish comes in multiple sizes – so spread the love to all of your dogs!

Pink Heart Puffy Blanket Coat
This is a warm coat for your dog and still very stylish. A pattern of hearts and dots excites the eye and a comfortable fit tops it all. Not all of us like to dress their dogs up in puffy blanket coats, but those of us that do, you can’t beat this heart of all hearts blanket coat.

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Warm During Winter Walks!

It’s been a long winter!  Has the snowy weather preventing you from walking your dog as much as she would like?  Dogs that spend less time outide during the winter may become lethargic – or, in some cases, hyperactive.

No need to skimp on winter walks when you can get your dog pet boots!  The boots will prevent your dog’s paws from getting frostbit.  Dog’s paws are most susceptible to frostbite because of the constant contact with the snow.  You may notice if your dog’s paws become frostbitten if their pads change form its normal color to pale or gray.  Their paws will be cold and hard to the touch.  If you suspect frostbite, take your dog quickly to a warm location and soak the affected area in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes.  Always contact your veterinarian for further instructions.

Not only do pet boots keep your dog’s feet warm, but it also protects their paws from the harsh salts.  The salts used to melt ice and snow can get stuck in dog’s pads and cause irritation.

There are many varieties of pet boots available.  My dog’s favorite boots are Extreme All-Weather Dog Boots, pictured at right.  These boots are durable and waterproof, perfect for keeping my dog’s paws warm and dry.  There is also a suede-leather sole that helps with traction.  The Velcro strap ensures the boot will not fall off.  This boot comes in many sizes, from XXXS to XL – perfect for any size dog!

With these boots your pet can look forward to many walks this winter, giving you and your pet the exercise you need!

Keep Your Pet Warm in Style

The days are cooler, the leaves are fallen and soon the fall season will give way to winter.  Now is the time to start thinking about keeping your pet warm this winter.   If you walk  your pet  in the cold
or snow, a pet coat or sweater is a must,
especially for short haired dogs.

There are so many styles to choose from.  The number 1 selling coat at GregRobert Pet Supplies  is the Shearling Faux Suede Dog Coat pictured to the right.  Available in sizes  X-Small to XXX-Large and in a variety of colors fom the pretty pink to the neutral camel, it is a fashion statement ready to be made.  In addition,  the coat is fully lined with sherpa fleece and has a large sherpa collar to keep your pet extra warm.  Any winter walk will be a warm walk in this coat.

While you are visiting GregRobert’s website, be sure to take a check out at all the pet coats in stock for fall of 2010.

Spruce Up Your Dog’s Wardrobe for Spring

Spring is on its way and if your dog likes to wear clothing, nothing is more fun for your dog to wear than a  dog  t-shirt.  Ethical  Fashion Pet makes a great line of dog t-shirts that have all kinds of fun sayings and will make your dog’s spring wardrobe even more fun.  These dog t-shirts are lightweight and made of cotton, which is perfect for wearing on a warm spring day, and are easy to wash in the washing machine.   Your dog can also wear these dog t-shirts on cool summer days or in air-conditioned areas if your dog gets cold easily. 

  • To make your dog feel like a king or queen, the King of the House and Queen of the House dog t-shirts are perfect for getting your dog noticed.  Both feature a saying on the back in a contrasting color and a crown in the middle with accents. 
  • If your dog has a sweet side, the Sugar Daddy Dog T-Shirt and the Yummy Dot Candy Dog T-Shirt will help express their personality.  Each of these dog t-shirts are sleeveless and a fun, sugary themed decal on the back.  Choose the blue stripe dog t-shirt for a boy dog and a the pink dotted dog t-shirt for a girl.
  • The Works for Treats Dog Tank Top style dog T-shirt helps to express your dog’s need for a treat any time of the day.  You won’t be able to resist giving your dog a treat when he or she is wearing this adorable t-shirt.  This dog t-shirt is available in a blue and white stripe or a red and yellow stripe cotton t-shirt.  Either one is great for a boy or girl dog.
  • If your dog is a sports fan, the Loyal Baseball Dog Jersey t-shirt may be perfect for your dog.  This adorable baseball inspired dog t-shirt is has short sleeves and perfect for wearing to a spring baseball game.

Winter Fun for Your Dog

Keeping your dog active in the winter can be a challenge when the weather gets cold and messy.  It is important for your dog’s mental and physical well-being to exercise your dog all year long.  When taking your dog outside for a walk, it is a good idea to choose a day that is sunny and not bitter cold.  It is also a good idea to use winter gear for your dog for those cold winter days.  Here are some fun activities that you can do with your dog on a winter day:

  • Take your dog for a brisk walk.  When you are your dog are moving at a steady pace, you can keep your body temperature up and won’t feel the cold as much.  Use a retractable leash to keep a tight rein on your dog and prevent him or her from stopping to sniff every minute.  A great retractable leash to use is the Flexi Elegance Retractable Dog Leash by Flexi USA.
  • Play a game of catch.  If your dog loves to play ball, take your game outdoors for lots of fun.  Use a bright colored ball that is easy to see and one that is made of a soft, waterproof material that is easy on your dog’s mouth.  One of my favorite dog balls is the Zoink Throw N Glow Ball.  This fun, colorful ball is easy to spot in the grass or snow and even glows in the dark for nighttime fun with your dog.
  • Don’t forget to snuggle.  After having some fun with your dog outdoors, spend some quality time snuggling together on the couch.  The Snuggie For Dogs is the perfect blanket for your dog to wear and stay warm in.  This wearable dog blanket is made of soft cozy fleece and coordinates with the adult snuggie.  Perfect for any winter night!

Warm, Winter Jackets Perfect for Your Dog

If you haven’t gotten your dog a warm jacket yet, now is the perfect time to get one.  Dog jackets are ideal for keeping your dog warm when she needs the extra warmth and also make a great gift for your dog during the holidays.  When choosing a dog jacket, pick one that is long enough to cover your dog’s body and preferably one that has a hood with sleeves for the front legs to help keep your dog even warmer on really colds days.  Here are a few really great dog jackets that are sure to keep your dog warmer when outside.

  • The Snow Angel Heated Parka for Dogs is great for dogs who live in really cold areas.  This dog jacket has a heater inside to help maintain a comfortable temperature for your dog when outside on a really cold day.  It is perfect for dogs that need the extra warmth because their fur coat is thin or really short. Your dog not only be warm in this coat, but also very cute!  It also features a hood and sleeves to give your dog even more warmth.
  • The Square Quilted Zip Pockets Dog Parka is another great dog jacket.  This jacket has a thick filling with a fleece lining to help keep your dog warm on the coldest of winter days.  The attached hood is perfect for keeping your dog’s head warm and comfortable.  The exterior is made of water-proof nylon that helps protect your dog from getting wet.
  • The Alps Hooded Dog Vest is great for days that are a little warmer in the winter or day who don’t need as much protection from the cold air.  This vest also has an attachable hood that will help keep your dog warmer and more comfortable when outside.  It is available in a fun boy or girl style to keep your dog looking his or her best!

Dog Clothes that Keeps Your Dog Warm Through the Fall and Winter

Now that fall is here and winter is quickly approaching, it is a good idea to get your dog a sweater or a jacket for extra warmth during these colder months.  A warm sweater or jacket is very beneficial for your dog, especially if your dog has short hair or no undercoat.  There are many sweater and jacket styles to choose from that vary in thickness, so you can be sure to find a style that is comfortable for your dog and won’t overheat him. 

Using a dog sweater is ideal for keeping your dog warm and comfortable when the fall days are cold.  A warm sweater is perfect for making your dog’s time spent outdoors more enjoyable whether you are on a walk with your dog or your dog is just in the backyard.  A classic sweater for any dog is the Fashion Pet Cable Dog Sweater, which is perfect for either a boy or girl dog.  This sweater is available in a variety of fashionable, fun colors and a variety of sizes to properly fit your dog and has leg straps to make sure that it stays on your dog when he is walking or running. 

A great way to provide your dog with extra warmth on a cool day is to layer a sweater with a vest like the Alps Hooded Dog Vest.  This stylish vest is available in pink for girls and brown for boys.  A treat pocket on the back is the perfect place to store a treat for your dog and the deattachable hood is great for cool or cold days if extra protection is needed.

A dog coat is ideal for those days when the temperature is freezing outside.  Use one like the Snow Angel Heated Parka to keep your dog extra warm when it is snowing or raining in the winter.  This unique coat is heated and runs on four AA batteries to keep your dog warm when it is freezing outside.  Your dog is sure to stay warm whatever the temperature is outside in this heated coat.

For more great clothes for dogs, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies to get your dog happy and warm all fall and winter long!

Unique and Practical Holiday Dog Gifts

The holiday season is quickly approaching and now is a great time to get the dog or dog owner in your life the perfect dog gift for the holidays.  When choosing a gift for a dog, it is a good idea to find out if he or she is in need of anything in particular.  If not, then you are free to get creative.  Regardless of your circumstance,  unique and practical dog gifts make ideal gifts for any dog.  There are so many to choose, but here are a few of my favorites:

One of my favorite items for dogs is the Ultra Bubbler Pet Fountain by Petmate.  This stylish water fountain is designed to provide a dog with a constant supply of fresh water and is very practical, while being fun to use.  Just fill the fountain with a gallon and a half of water in the morning and the air pump system will oxygenate the water by creating bubbles in the water all day long. The water tastes fresher and cleaner and your dog will be able to notice the difference.  The continuous supply of bubbles is also great for helping to prevent the growth of bacteria.  This item is ideal for any size dog.

To keep the dog in your life cozy and warm, choose a dog parka like the Square Quilted Zip Pockets Dog Parka.  This cute little parka is perfect for keeping any dog warm in the snow and cold temperatures and comes with sleeves and a hood.  It is available in red or black in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of dogs.  In addition to providing warmth for your dog, this parka also has a two zip up treat pockets for good behavior.  When it gets dirty, just throw it into the machine in cold water and in the dryer on low to dry.  Any dog would appreciate this stylish yet warm parka!

Nothing is more luxurious and practical for a dog’s comfort then the All Season Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed.  This bed is made of soft, cozy material and may be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer to help keep your dog the perfect temperature any time of the year.  It is available in two neutral color combinations that blend in well with any decor.  Dogs love the soothing warmth of the bed throughout the year and enjoy the coolness on really hot days in the summer.

Choosing an unique and practical gift for your dog is easy and fun when you have a lot of choices.  For more great holiday gift ideas in a wide variety of price ranges, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies.

Cute Dog Dresses that are Perfect for the Holidays

Dressing up your dog can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog.  This holiday season is the perfect time to get your dog dressed up for guests and pictures.  Before you dress up your dog in her best, it is a good idea to pamper your dog with a refreshing bath and hair blow-out.  Your dog will look and smell great with a good shampoo and a fancy dress, which will make her picture perfect for any holiday picture!

For a classic holiday look, the Herring-Bone Dress for Dogs is perfect for holiday pictures or any holiday event.  This dress has a cute little red sweater on top with a fun herringbone skirt.  The sweater top is great for keeping your dog warm and cozy and the front placket has a Velcro closure to make it easy to put on and take off.  The closure also has buttons sewn on for a classy look and the herringbone collar adds a lot of character.  It is easy to care for and may be washed in the machine. 

Another fun holiday dress for your dog is the Preppy Stripe Dog Dress.  This adorable, sweater dress has a fun stripe detail at the waist and is available in a classic navy or cherrry red color.  Whether you choose the navy or the red, your dog will look cute in every picture, while staying warm.  This dress is also easy to care for and may be washed in the machine in cold water.

To keep your dog even warmer, choose a dressy coat like the Herring-Bone Sunday Dog Coat to coordinate with your dog’s dress.  This charming coat is made of 100% polyester with a 100% polyester fleece lining and has a faux-fur collar.  Your dog will be both warm and cute in this adorable coat.  When the coat gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine in cold water and lay it flat to dry.

This holiday season is a great time to have fun with your dog by dressing her up in a classic dress.  Not only are these dresses cute for any special occasion, but they are great for keeping your dog warm.  For a great selection of dog clothes, check out GregRobert Pet Supplies.